1. Dipen01

    Which Video Formats are supported by SE W810i !!

    Hey.. I am confused over which video formats are supported in SE W810i...coz..i have one WMA..its not runnin...i have one WAV file...its not runnin either.. so are there any standard formats..or i can increase em anytime by installing some codecs..or installin some Players...what do i...
  2. Stalker

    Converting Quicktime mov files

    guys, i use mainly windows media player, winamp. i have some quicktime .mov files. is there any way to convert them to mpeg or other formats??
  3. go4saket

    DIVX / XVID to DVD Format???

    Hi Guys! I have a few videos in DIVX and XVID format. I want to watch them in my TV but my DVD Player doesnt support either of the formats. Which is the bst software that can convert the same into DVD format without any quality loss. Thankyou.
  4. gaurav21r

    format convs

    Hey... We all kno the l8est wave of formats introduced in the mobile era.. Just wanted to ask if anyone would know a software which converts mobile formats to PC formats and vice-versa? Like say 3gp to mpg or amr to wav/mp3?
  5. D

    .aac 0r .mp3 format?

    i wana know which of these formats would b the best for my nokia 6270.
  6. R

    diff between mp3 and asf formats

    Recently while using my mp3 player i came to know that it is capable of playing asf formats also. Since I wanted to know the size vs mp3, I encoded all the mp3 files in my player to asf format using nero 7. I was surprised that quality(as far as my ear could make out) the quality was the same...

    mp3 to ac3

    I am in search of a software which will convert the simple formats such as mp3, wav,wma etc to ac3...
  8. karthik55859

    How to convert MP3 to MIDI???

    Is there a software which convers MP3 or Wave to MIDI formats for mobiles??????
  9. Vishal Gupta


    Guys! I hv 2 questions regarding to Nero7: 1.) I hv some Video clips in AVI, 3GP, WMV and RM formats. Now I want to create a DVD for these files, But when I tried it didnt give ne option to store such files on a DVD, it asks for .vob and other DVD formats! I can create a Movie CD using...
  10. J

    Problem with PC ? HELP ME DIGIT KA MAGAZINE !

    :D MY specs are: XFX nvidia 6600 GT 256 Intel 915 GEV motherboard Intel Pentium 4 630 3.0 ghz processor 512 MB DDR2 RAM my problem is that even installing all the codecs and media players,my pc cannot runs some formats such .vob , dvd-video.Even the digit ultimate guide to human body...
  11. U

    What do all the different audio formats mean ?

    What do all the different audio formats mean and what do I do if my computer wont Run a file? There are many different types of audio formats that have developed over the years as technology has transitioned among many different standards. At this point in time, we are confronted with 6 common...
  12. O

    Problem of codecs and format

    Hi :D , Please suggest best compressing formats for MP3.Also suggest where codecs are available for free and some free converters.I tried converting to SPX but no player could play it :x . Also suggest good formats for music players in cars.
  13. rajat22

    Image Convert 1.0, Good Freeware!

    Image Convert 1.0, Good Freeware! If you need a tool to convert a 100 odd files that are in various different formats into one format, Image Convert is what you need. Supports JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, WMF, EMF and TIF formats. Requirements: This application needs the .NET Framework...
  14. B

    mp3 Players

    Music in various mp3/mp4 formats from 16 to 128 kbps is available on the web. After downloading some songs and writing them on to CDs I find that I cannot play the music on some mp3/DVD players as all of the versions are not compatible with most of the players available in the market. Can...
  15. kumarmohit

    universal media player

    OK guys I am fed up of installing different players for different formats ... Can anyone tell me if their is a media player which supports all the formats such as real, quicktime, windows media and preferably nero media format as well as the regular mp3 wav midi etc and is freferably...
  16. S

    Proposal Sites

    Please send me urls of popular sites for Business Proposal Formats
  17. anandk

    save resources by using bitmaps for wallpaper.

    most of us love to put wallpapers on our desktops. however, they are actually resources hoggers, esp if they are in jpg or tif formats ! bmp formats instead require very little resources ! :) for pc's with lower specifications, its best to set your computer to accept only bmp...
  18. The Incredible


    Hey do any1 of u know that how 2 open files with .sw , .db formats.
  19. a_to_z123

    Creating ISOs with Nero (Helpless)

    Hullo Guys, I've been using Nero for long and have been unable to create ISO files with it. So today I thought to put my query in the Forum. I enabled the "Enable all Formats for Image Recorder" option but still it saves in only .NRG format. How can I create images in other formats. Help me.
  20. V


    Any one got good software to cut a part of dvd or vob file and convert to diffrent formats like a vcd cutter ?
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