1. J

    What clip converter do you use for video clips

    I want to know about the best clip converter software which allows to convert video clips into multiple video formats. Please suggest me a free clip converter for my video conversion.
  2. Baker

    FullHD smart tv under 40K

    1:. Budget - 40k INR 2. Display type and size - min 32inch with Fulll HD 3. Primary use of TV - Movies , sports and youtube videos 4. Ports Required - should support all video formats , .mp4,.mkv,.avi etc 5. Preferred choice of brand - Any brand with good service suggestions please -...
  3. Dr. House

    Best UHD TV Under 75k INR

    1. Budget - 75k INR (Prefer Paytm for biggest cashback discount) 2. Display type and size - UHD TV Bigger is better but less than 50" 3. Primary use of TV - Movies 4. Ports Required - Smoothly can play all major formats via USB Hard Disk 5. Preferred choice of brand - Any brand with good...
  4. Dr. House

    [URGENT] Best 32" LED for around 25k

    My brother wants to buy a brand new 32" LED HD TV for his new room. It should have great for picture quality, best in its class. Ability to play all popular video formats like .avi, .mp4, .mkv smoothly via USB. Thanks, I bought it. *moderator please close this thread*
  5. K

    Scanner of what brand?

    Hi Guys, I would like to buy a scanner which should support PDF SEARCHABLE FORMATS. My budget is Rs.4000/- to 5000/-. Which model and which brand will be best?
  6. Anish

    Need help: choosing a ebook reader/tablet

    Hi friends, I need to buy a tablet/ebook reader for my everyday use. I will be reading ebooks in pdf format and also i need support for ppt , pptx , webbrowsing. This rules out the basic kindle. Now, can any one suggest me a good tablet? budget - 10 to 11k Requirements: support for...
  7. freshseasons

    [For Sale] APad 7" Tablet

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: aPad MD701 Tablet Product Description * Model No.: MD 701 * CPU RK2818, 1GHz * Operating system: Android 2.1 * 7" resistive touch screen * LCD screen: 7-inch, 800 x 480 * 512M DDR2 256M× 2 *...
  8. A

    How is the Toshiba 24PS10 LED TV ???

    I am planning to buy an LED TV ..My budget is around Rs 18000 .. I am buying this for Gaming -- PS3 (mostly :-D)... N ofcourse for multimedia purpose.. I have short listed the Toshiba 24PS10 LED TV.. -24 " Full HD 1080p LED (EDGE...
  9. Darshan Singh

    Encoding Videos for iPod Touch

    Hi guys, I purchased iPod Touch last month. Now the problem is that although it plays videos in 720p but fails to play some other videos. I have videos in various formats but it plays only mp4 videos and not all of them too. I think it supports files only with specific characteristics. I...
  10. ghantaukay

    [Want to Buy] a hi fi system

    Wanna buy a hi fi music system for about 30 K.Need karaoke and the sound should be ethereal .Should play all formats...CDs DVDs USB ipod etc.Please give some suggestions
  11. R

    Media player for Android

    Hi I have a HTC Explorer. Please suggest me a free safe media player from android store to play audio and video files of most formats. Explorer has got one but there are not much controls there, like forward , rewind and all Thanks
  12. doomgiver

    softwares needed for xubuntu

    running xubuntu 11.04 natty. i need a media convertor(converting songs and video to other formats) and a archive manager (preferred with gui, like winrar) thanks.
  13. Freedom.Forever

    New UbiSlate 7+. Is it worth having?

    UbiSlate 7+ Specifications: Android OS 2.3 Cortex A8, 700 Mhz Process with HD Video Co Processor 256 MB RAM Storage: (Internal) 2GB Flash / (External) 2GB to 32GB Supported Peripherals: 2 Standard USB Ports (Ver. 2.0) Audio Out: 3.5mm jack Display and Resolution: 7" Display...
  14. RCuber

    BluRay Player vs WD TV Live/HUB

    Hey guys , I am in a bit of confusion on whether to buy a Blu-Ray Player or WD Live TV hub for this Diwali. I currently don't have a HDTV (yet) but plan to buy in a couple of months. That aside , we watch a lot of movies (DVD's, Youtube Streaming, Downloads Etc) For download/streaming content...
  15. R

    Lcd tv 20/22 "

    I am looking for LCD TV 20/22 " as replacement for my exisiting 17" CRT. Which has USB and HDMI and also supports formats DivX/MKV/MPEG4/JPEG/MP3/AAC/WMV/WMA . My budget is around 16K.
  16. N

    suggest me any LCD TV which play HD avi,mp4,flv,mpeg,VOB

    first of all i request the admin to plz dont delete this thread if it is posted in wrong section..i am a very newbie in this forum and plz forgive me if i made any mistake.... today i bought LG 32LK311 LCD TV...But when connected i found that through usb it can play avi file only..also avi...
  17. TheMost

    Media Player in ubuntu

    I use MPC ( k-lite ) for optimal playback in my Win7 .. Now i have slightly started to use ubuntu ... Ubuntu is unable to play BDRips by default .... and many formats What is alternative for MPC on ubuntu .... I consider VLC bad ass player .... only good for playing everything ..... So...
  18. Zangetsu

    Dual Audio in Video

    Hi all, I have come across this Dual Audio concept in Video. Anybody know abt it please put some light on it. Q1.I have a mkv video with dual audio (hindi~english),Can it be available in other file formats such .wmv,mp4,avi etc Q2.How to build a mkv with dual audio?any apps available...
  19. khmadhu

    Best 42 and 46 inch TRUE LED TV

    Hi. One of my friend is buying new LED TV. He is looking for 42'' or 46'' Display. budget will be around 1 lakh(can be extended little) and he is planning to buy in next 2 weeks So please suggest both 42'' and 46'' True LED TV. Requiement 1)must have USB ports which can play most...
  20. N

    converting HD Mkv video format into mp4 format

    hello friends, while converting mkv HD vifeo formats in to mp4 video format the quality of HD videos also decreases dranatically, kindly suggest such converter which can convert videos withhou any decrease in quality, as only video formats in mpeg and mp4 are playable on my lcd tv. thanks...
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