1. M

    video editor

    Can anyone suggest a freeware video editing software. I only want to do simple tasks like cutting portions, inserting and rejoining in popular formats, so a small and non-complicated tool will do. Whre can i find it. thnks to repliers in advance. manish
  2. V

    best dvd ripper

    can some one point out a good dvd ripper that can convert it to diffrent formats
  3. rakee

    can i get it anyone have or know where can i get all (or most) of PC Game cheats (if possible with walkthroughs,advice..etc)...all in PDF FORMAT.i googled it but i cant find any good results..there must be someone who must have given all pc game cheats in odf formats!!!
  4. arcticflare

    all format player???

    Hey guys is there any player that can play all kinds of video formats including rm plz suggest any good one.
  5. N

    Problem in installing mplayer in fedora3

    Not Able to install Mplayer for linux I started by downloading all codecs by comanding cvs login cvs -z3 co ffmpeg/libavcodec A directory named 'ffmpeg' with a subdirectory named...
  6. P

    need e-books

    where can i get all type of e-books for downloads both in doc/txt and pdf formats??
  7. A

    Is there any effective software to convert Real to MP3/AVI

    Hello friends, Can anyone please tell me , if there is any freeware for converting the Real audio/video video ito the known formats of like MP3/AVI etc. ? by the way, i tried R7Converter, but the results returned by this software was far from satisfactory, with only able...
  8. Maverick340


    I was looking for an article (s) that explained all the extensions(major ones) like .msi,.rar,.dll...etc and also i wated to know the differece in various vedio and audio formats. Any links?
  9. swatkat

    Turn ur Xbox into a Home Theatre System!!!!

    There's a project called XBoxMediaCenter (XBMC) which translates ur Xbox into a Media Center whic can play any Audio/Video/Image formats along with some other less supported formats like XboxDVD and Xbox HDD. The software is open source and is under GPL that means it's FREE. It can also play...
  10. A

    best video conversion software????

    I want to know which is the most compressed format 4 a video file to be playable and will it be playable on wmp9,10. and which is the best software 2 convert video files into maximum range of other formats. Also how can I make my wmp play max no of av formats such as quicktime etc ,i mean using...
  11. Q


    hi,what is the difference between the shockwave & flash formats?
  12. P

    Help with programming assignment in C

    I ned to make a image viewer in C under Linux without using any 3rd party software. It should be able to view BMP, JPEG and TIF image formats. Plz help.
  13. F

    Best OnBoard Sound??

    Intel HD Audio : Support 4 192Khz/24-bit HD Audio along with multi streaming and support 4 loads of DVD formats. 8-channel HD audio. SoundStrom2 : 8-channel HD audio along with support 4 192Khz/32-bit HD audio, ability 2 upmix stereo audio into 8 channel digital audio. Via Vinyl Audio...
  14. devianthulk

    Best DVD Writer

    Plz suggest a DVD writer supporting all popular formats (DVD-RAM/DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD+RW/DVD-ROM). Preferably under 15k.
  15. M

    codecs required

    i use kazaa for downloading. I got many videos (rare) but I was unable to play them even though some of them worked. Those formats were mainly asf and wmv and some of avi. When I play them, It only shows the lenth of the video but do not play them. I tried to convert in diffrent formats but it...
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