1. Kiran.dks

    Free Download: Universal Viewer <Open anything!>

    Universal Viewer Advanced file viewer with wide range of formats supported Latest version: (22 Jan 2007) License: Freeware System requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP Universal Viewer (ATViewer) is an advanced file viewer with wide range of formats supported...
  2. kantiman

    How to convert RMVB files to MPEG?

    I have some real media video files with extension RMVB. How can I convert these files to other formats. Are there any software that can convert these files.
  3. O

    dvd converter needed

    friendz i need a dvd decrypter that can change the .VOB format files into either .AVI or other formats that consume less space then VOB files. professional softwares will b preferred.
  4. Kiran.dks

    NEW VERSION RELEASE: SUPER© 2007 Build 21 released.

    SUPER© 2007 Build 21 Freeware to convert between almost all Video Formats Erightsoft has released new version of it's SUPER© converter on January 4, 2007. Intro: SUPER © IS UNIVERSAL as it supports a wide variety of input/source file format to play or encode (to & from) without...
  5. kantiman

    How to convert .chm format ebooks to other formats.

    I have some Ebooks in chm format. I don't like this format cause I can't increase the font size and its hard to read them. How to convert these chm format books into other formats such as pdf or doc.
  6. Pravas

    ***:Mobile Audio & Video Formats:***

    I am using Sony Ericsson's K790i. Can Any one tell me the best comressed audio and video formats for my phone and pls mention the best software.
  7. H

    DVD Player

    video query How do i convert the video ( movies ) in divx and other formats into a format that is compatible with my dvd players connected to the tv? I also need to break the movie into 2 or 3 disks so that they would fit in my cd as i dont have a dvd writer. Wat r the formats compatible with...
  8. techtronic

    HD DVD encryption cracked?

    On the heels of the first full year of the HD DVD/Blu-ray battle, a new wrinkle has appeared, as a hacker has claimed to have dug into the high-definition format's encoding and decrypt the security measures that prevent the video from being copied. Source ...
  9. dinesh_mettur

    formats of K750i???

    hi dudes could any one tell me the formats supported in K750i ie audio and video formats i know it plays mp3,mp4,wav(lower bitrate) and 3gp is any other audio and video formats will play on 750i what is mean by AAC ???
  10. amit2005

    FLV to other

    plz any one cud tell m how to convert .flv files to other video formats...i'v tried with K-lite mega codec pack ...but won't working
  11. anandk

    Free File Conversion Site.

    here is a cool file conversion. it handles five image formats, 14 document formats, 11 video and 9 audio. point to a file on your PC, select the output format and the file is uploaded. u then get an email with a link to the converted document. edit-oops i hope its in...
  12. go4saket

    Which is the best Movie Splitter???

    Hi Guys! I need a good software that can help me to split movies in smaller parts or rip only the part of the movie that I intend to. It should support most of the movie formats and when splitting, it shouldnt re-encode the movie, but just cut that part of the movie and make a new file out of...
  13. Vishal Gupta

    SOFTWARE NEWS: Free Any Video Converter 1.0 Released

    Any Video Converter features include: * User-friendly interface that is easy to use. * Converts all video formats to Apple iPod Video, Sony PSP and more * Batch convert any video formats including avi, wmv, asf, mpg, mp4, etc. * Support DivX and Xvid avi format as importing and exporting...
  14. V

    DVD WRITER Wanted Urgently

    I need a new DVD Writer.Please tell me which one should i buy that can read & write all the DVD formats. Also tell me what is LightScribe. Thank U
  15. s18000rpm

    Changing Drive Icons. How?

    I downloaded some Icon Packs from "", they are all in both ".ico &.png" formats. I want to change the Icon of the Hard Drive, DVD Drive,... Now how do i Install/apply the Icons.
  16. V

    Video for K790i

    hi,guys i am new 2 sony erricson phons and wanted to view video songs on cell but i dont knw which formats are supported by the phone and how to convert them?
  17. Kiran.dks

    Video Editing Software

    Can anyone help me in choosing best Video editing software. I want the following features in it: 1. Video splitting and joining of various formats including *.mov 2. Overlay sound on a video. Eg. Overlay mp3 song on corresponding video song 3. Level volume of video tracks 4. It would be...
  18. J

    how dvd ram works

    I recently bought a asus dvd writer that supports dvd ram. but dont know how it works. please give some information in detail. also i want to know differnt formats of dvd such as dvd+r, dvd-r etc. thanks in advance. jenaguru.
  19. J

    how dvd ram works

    I recently bought a asus dvd writer that supports dvd ram. but dont know how it works. please give some information in detail. also i want to know differnt formats of dvd such as dvd+r, dvd-r etc. thanks in advance. jenaguru.
  20. praka123

    RealPlayer Will Support Windows Media on Linux

    read more also That's SAD :( so....Al Vidaa to win32codecs eh?:eek:
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