1. K

    Advice needed- Dying laptop - repair or wait or build new PC

    Hi guys I think my laptop GPU is dying/is dead I can run just one game on it (checked usage using MSI Afterburner) For everything else, it just crashes or BSODs(In windows 10 partition, it just says AMDkmdag.sys stopped and recovered but the Intel GPU is working fine whereas in my Windows 7...
  2. Cyberghost

    Intel Skylake CPUs are bending under the pressure of some coolers

    Some Intel Skylake CPUs are literally bending under the weight of heavy aftermarket CPU coolers. Or, more specifically, the pressure exerted by some coolers seems to be causing damage to Skylake chips. The likely culprit: Intel used a thinner wafer on Skylake CPUs than past chips. According to...
  3. A

    Lenovo Y500 FHD linux issue..

    I have a lenovo y500 FHD . It is currently running windows 8 but despite my numerous efforts I cannot run linux smoothly on it . It is really frustrating that all my friends are running linux distros for educational purposes but it looks tiny or blurry on my Laptop . I tried xrandr to force...
  4. Anorion

    Scientists Discovered the Egyptian Secret to Moving Huge Pyramid Stones

    from gizmodo
  5. S

    [For Sale] Logitech Driving Force GT April 2014, full warranty left with bill/box etc. Upgrading to G27.

    1. *Model number and details: Logitech Driving Force GT Key Features PC, PS2, PS3 Platform 900° Wheel Rotation Force Feedback Gas and Brake Pedals Sequential Stick Shift Paddle Shifters included 2. Date of purchase: 11 April 2014 3. Reason for sale: Upgrading to...
  6. R

    HD 7870 OC 2GB or VAPOR-X HD 7950 OC

    I'm torn between these two cards. My prior plans were to go for the 7870, but apparently 7950 is also affordable. I'm no hardcore gamer, but I wanna play games in full HD 1080p in High/Ultra settings on a single monitor. If I go for the 7950, it's gonna be heavy on my budget, and also would...
  7. P

    Delta force black hawk down update problem

    Hey Guys I recently updated my delta force black hawk down to the latest version But when I launched the game after installing the game I COULD NOT SELECT SINGLE PLAYER OR MULTIPLAYER ON THE MENU. Please help me out....
  8. 6Diablo9

    Forcing games to run in 4:3 res on 16:10 monitor

    Many times I download game demos from BigFish to play on my old computer. These games are usually created to run on a 4:3 resolution, but I have a monitor with aspect ration of 16:10 and the game stretches all over the screen which looks very ugly. Is there any way I could force them to run in...
  9. Vyom

    SSD prices fall by 48 percent in 2011-2012

    SSD prices fall by 48 percent in 2011-2012 Is this a good sign? Well, I did some analysis to see if the prices shown in above graph is true in Indian market, by taking the prices from Flipkart. My Analysis: ||Claimed in | Article (International |market)|On|Flipkart|| Name|GB|$ per...
  10. rahul_c

    µTorrent Parameters

    I've a old computer with broadband which I use for downloading torrents. Whenever I restart that computer, the state of torrent changes from 'downloading' or 'queue' to ERROR. I've to force them to re-check and restart again. This is time wasting, so I've figured out a feature under...
  11. M

    Corsair Force 3 or Force GT

    Hi Guys will the Force 3 is better for regular computing. I dont want to move heavy files frequently Just wanted to boost the PC usage on heavy applications.
  12. D

    Need a racing wheel under 8k; with 900 rotation & force feedback.

    Hey people! I need a racing wheel for PC under 8k. I would like it to be as close as it can be to real cars, and that is why I want a 900 degree rotation :D :D The cheapest wheel I can find with 900 degree rotation is Logitech Driving Force GT, but I am not sure how it performs or if any...
  13. newway01

    Logitech Driving Force GT

    I need a Logitech Driving Force GT for PC/PS3. Shipping Charges not a problem. Someone got one up for sale, let me know. :smile: Location: Kochi, Kerala.
  14. socrates

    Amazon Tablet to be called Amazon Kindle Fire?

    Kindling the flames of tablet wars. Amazon Tablet to be called Amazon Kindle Fire? | News | TechRadar UK Price of new Amazon tablet could be big attraction. Price of new Amazon tablet could be big attraction It's out :D Kindle Fire - Full Color Kindle with 7" Multi-Touch Display, Wi-Fi...
  15. newway01

    Logitech or Similar Gaming Wheel

    Hi, anyone selling a Logitech Gaming wheel? Preferred models - Logitech Momo Racing Force, Driving Force GT Also looking for Logitech Wingman Attack 3 or Attack 2 joystick.
  16. Ethan_Hunt

    Star Wars Force Unleashed 2

    ATi owners who have completed this game, did anyone happen to try the 60fps unlock executable file? When I use it, the game does show 59fps, however, the action seems to go in slow-motion. Not to mention the visual tearing is just piercing the eye. Try D3DOverrider and the cut-scenes turn...
  17. A

    VERY URGENT.System infected with umdmgr.exe.PLEASE HELP!!!

    My XP(SP2)has been infected with umdmgr.exe.Windows 7 is fine. XP hangs within seconds after logging in and around 300 processes start in the background...I have to force restart the system then. I'm writing this post from Windows 7. Please suggest a solution immediately guys...plzzz
  18. Tathaga

    Compaq Laptop 1.89Ghz 512mb Ram

    the model is V6000 the dvd writer doesnt work Weak points ========= it sometimes reads dvd and sometimes doesn't(dono why). its battery backup is 20 mins or so warranty period is over. IT HAS NO OTHER PROBLEMS. but it works anyway and it ran fifa 09 and spell force 2 (got lucky)...
  19. Baker

    Russia [india also] joins in to exclusive members of stealth fighters

    Russia [india also] joins in to exclusive club of stealth fighters :grin::)) it is really good news for india eventough we didnt contribute technichally , but...
  20. desiibond

    Finally, Force India gets a podium!!

    Guys, A golden day for India in the history of F1. Fisichella takes no.2 and first ever podium for Force India. Hurray!!!! PS: I have celebrated the win with a KF strong beer :)
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