[For Sale] Logitech Driving Force GT April 2014, full warranty left with bill/box etc. Upgrading to G27.

1. *Model number and details:

Logitech Driving Force GT

Key Features

PC, PS2, PS3 Platform
900° Wheel Rotation
Force Feedback
Gas and Brake Pedals
Sequential Stick Shift
Paddle Shifters included

2. Date of purchase: 11 April 2014
3. Reason for sale: Upgrading to Logitech G27 with clutch pedal and H-Shifter. I did not know that the DFGT didn't have clutch, otherwise wouldnt have bought it.
4. Warranty details: 2 Year warranty, purchased in April '14, so full 2 years left.
5. Cost Price: Rs. 9623
6. Expected Price: 8400(Negotiable)
7. Location of Seller: RR Nagar, Bangalore



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