1. D

    Developer friendly phone

    1. Budget? 15k 2. Display type and size? Preferring 5" display. 3. Dual sim? Yes, it can be dual SIM 4. Preferred choice of brand? Only no to manufacturer, who void warranty on flashing/unlocking bootloader. 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? Nothing specific...
  2. ShankJ

    L520 restarting on its own after manual boot!

    My Lumia 520 keeps restarting every 20-30 seconds after booting up.. The loop continues till the time the cell doesnt get discharged.. I have tried flashing the ROM with the Lumia Software Recovery Toolkit but it isnt working.. Any bright ideas??
  3. M

    Help! Guys help me unbrick my moto E.

    I am a moto E user I tried to flash Resurrection Remix from here [ROM][5.1][LOLLIPOP]RESURRECTION REMIX 5.4.1… | Motorola Moto E | XDA Forums but stuck in bootloop. I went to TWRP and Wiped data,system,dalvik,cache.Then selected ROM from SDcard and after flashing ROM i flashed Gapps...
  4. adityak469

    Flashing A PS3(fat version)

    So most probably I'll be buying a PS3 from anirbandd But his PS3 isn't flashed and I don't have any experience on flashing a PS3. I wanted to know whether I can flash a PS3 (fat version) without much hassle? And after flashing how do I install games(you know which version) on it(like can I...
  5. R

    whatsapp not registering

    I live in UAE. I just insatlled 4.4 Custom rom on galaxy s2 gti9100 and reset everything. My Airtel sim is still workking here. I can recieve calls and messages but I cant register my whatsapp. I was able register once after flashing rom then i tried flashing another rom and reset again. Now i'm...
  6. R

    flashing sony ericsson z550i

    anybody knows how to flash sony ericsson z550i
  7. ratul

    [CFW] Anyone having experience in Netgear N150 WGR614v10?

    Ok, so today i cross-flashed my WGR614v10's firmware to the latest WNR1000v3's firmware, working good and new interface looks cool.. :P But does anyone have any experience of flashing Tomato's or DD-WRT's firmware to this router?? If yes, please post the guide for doing the same.. :wink:
  8. R

    Micromax Funbook tablet frozen at bootscreen

    Upon restart, the device does not go beyond bootloader image (it just says "Funbook" for ever)...please help me... what can I do?..I heard about flashing....!! After flashing does it go back to it's orginal way?...or should I contact customer care for solution?...help needed guys..!
  9. P

    APC ES 650 flashing Amber-Green with a beep

    My APC ES 650 back-up UPS, is constantly flashing Amber-Green when I turned it on today, and is not providing back-up which means, when I kill the power the UPS just switches off! Guys, what is the problem? Urgent help required!
  10. funkysourav

    Screen Flashing Bug in Crysis 2007

    I am facing some weird "Flashing Textures" bug in Crysis 2007 I was playing the "Reckoning" stage just when i come out of the ship to Kill the alien hunter, the textures of the sky starts flashing uncontrollably weird thing is when i turn towards any other thing except the sky, it turns...
  11. Cool Buddy

    flashing a cameras firmware

    I have a Canon Powershot A460 camera (around 3 years old). Recently it developed a weird problem, all photos are coming out very bright. In daylight it's just a white photo. I tried a few things like resetting the settings to default etc. but nothing helped. But I figured that there is no...
  12. R

    Sony K550i how to do I recover the bricked phone

    My Sony K550i phone which was upgraded to W610 firmware from this guide The Complete k550i/w610i flashing Refrence | SE Flashing long ago was working fine. But few days back it stopped working. The phone just won't turn on. The red light of the infrared blinks when I press the power button...
  13. R

    Flashing sticker for MObile Phones

    Dear Friends, IF you remember some years ago these flashing stickers were craze, they are just normal stickers and when they are fixed on back of phone they light up / blink when a call , msg is supposed to come. and during call time they used to blink thus giving a good look to phone...
  14. A

    Need a mobile Under 10k

    Hi guys... Iam in need of ur help...I am planning to buy a mobile around 10k.I have hazel in my mind...but i dont know if it would support pdf reader and office application and what could be the video recording speed (fps).what does it means "full flashing ",whether hazel has it? Is there any...
  15. K

    What is Flashing a Phone ?

    Can Someone here pls explain me what is Flashing in a phone, when someone says I am flashing my phone what does it mean ? When and why is it used ? I dont mean using Flash light in the phone :-) most certainly not !!
  16. rockthegod

    The Ultimate thread for Windows Mobile users !!!

    Hi all, I was having a little discussion with desiibond in another thread when I realized that there is no "special" thread for users of Windows Mobile based Smartphones and PDAs, so I decided to start one. To the best of my knowledge, no such threads are existing in Digit forum yet; if I have...
  17. entrana

    how to configure bsnl nokia siemens c2110

    any ideas also link is flashing yellow, pc/usb green , power red
  18. speedyguy

    Plz help me wit these drivers...

    see image below... iv installed xp aftr removing vista from my hp pavilion tablet pc (amd64*2, 1gb, 120gb hdd, nvidia geforce go6150 wit touch screen n fingr reader etc.) found n downloaded all drivers accept these flashing in device manager....can ne1 recognise it n tell me whr can i...
  19. ax3

    BIOS flashing ???

    how 2 do a bios flashing ? coz bios date on my pc is quite old ....... 05\30\2000 ..... after pc boots up >> year is 2000 >> & now when i change 2 2008, it HANGS .... BIOS = "Award Modular Bios v 6.00 PGN" , An energy star ally .......
  20. krazzy

    PC very slow after connecting a pen drive.

    I'd given a pen drive to a friend to get some songs from his pc. After getting the pen drive back and connecting it to my pc to copy the files. The light on the pen drive was flashing occasionally then. Inside the drive my friend had created various folders for different albums. Strange thing is...
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