1. Mizanurification

    KZ ZS3 Problem

    Recently got a ZS3 from Aliexpress but the wires dont connect properly to the earbuds. Any modders here who can fix it?
  2. wwwescape

    Redmi 3S and VoLTE

    I have see so many solutions to fix the VoLTE issue on the Redmi 3S and similar phones but none of them seem to work for me. I am on the latest Redmi 3S Global ROM V8.0.3.0.MALMIDG (MIUI8). Is there any working fix for VoLTE or atleast any official statement from Xiaomi that confirms that...
  3. S

    How to Configure 300 Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router-TD-W8961N

    Hello Friends. I am new in this forum and have a serious problem with my modem. Hope you all can fix and solve my problem. As I am a laymen in this field and live in a backward district. I brought this modem and got it configured from BSNL as I took the broadband connection. After reaching home...
  4. A

    Looking Prestashop expert developer

    Hello, I do have prestashop site version 5.xx I want somebody who is well aware with prestashop to update to latest one and fix modules as some are custom too. Please leave me your chat id to have quick discussion.
  5. K

    GTA 5 cars

    Hi! Can you help me with mods installation? I downloaded some of this from World of Mods and now the game is crashed every time I try to launch it. Why it may happends and how to fix that?
  6. Prongs298

    android studio not working

    I wanted to get started with android application development. I downloaded Android studio. This one exactly. android-studio-bundle-141.2456560-windows.exe from - Download Android Studio and SDK Tools | Android Developer But i get the following error - Rendering Problems The...
  7. setanjan123

    Games not appearing in steam

    I posted this in the steam thread but nobody replied so i made this . What happened is i got a steam key from a giveaway . I was not on pc at that time so told a friend to login to my acc and activate it . He even showed me a screenshot . There were 5 games in total . Now when i logged in i only...
  8. B

    Error while opening paytm

    Hi Guys, I am facing an error when I open via Firefox. I get this error I am not able to click on anything. Even if I refresh, the result is the same. But when I open it via incognito mode it works fine. How to fix this? Thanks
  9. S

    CPU will not power on with GPU connected

    So I was just browsing when suddenly my PC shut down for no reason whatsoever. I tried to restart and it won't boot, the cpu light will just flicker for a moment and nothing. So I followed the golden rule of removing a part one at a time to isolate the problem and I found that removing the GPU...
  10. mikael_schiffer

    Chrome browser Youtube problem

    I have this problem only with Chrome All other websites work properly The thing is i hate Firefox and IE. I wanna keep using Chrome. How to fix this? - - - Updated - - - ps. Video shows as "Unavailable" Cant watch any Youtube videos from Chrome
  11. ico

    nVidia cards don't display full RGB colour in HDMI?

    Very very old issue. Since the beginning of time. Still not fixed. Fix is here: Nvidia cards don't display full RGB color via HDMI - here's a fix - PC Gamer Dunno what to do in Linux.
  12. Inceptionist

    Thanks for messing up right click menu Mozilla

    Thanks for messing up right click menu Mozilla. You really don't know the phrase 'don't try fix what isn't broken'.
  13. Skyh3ck

    Toshiba 500 GB hard disk error, how to fix !!!

    i have a Lenovo B490 laptop with Toshiba 500 GB hard disk in windows 7 it shows my hard disk is broken and may fail soon completely, the pc hangs up a lot, but on ubunutu, mint it works fine without any problem. Can you guys please show me some good ISO image like linux or any app to repair...
  14. A

    LGA 775 mother board

    [Q] Hello guys a few months ago my system broke down componence started failing one after another like a usb sound ps2 then it stopped working all together so now i thought of fixing it but when i contacted the local retail they says this is first generation and i can't get this kind of...
  15. harshilsharma63

    How to open Philips SHP 2000

    I own a Philips SHP 2000. It's right speaker is no longer working and I need to open it to fix the cable. Does anyone know how to open it to gain access to the drivers?
  16. marvelousprashant

    Urgent Help, Messed up dual boot

    Hi guys So my friend asked me to fix his very old HCL laptop. On boot it had a dual boot menu which had some Linux and Windows XP as boot options. I booted into XP, opened disk manager and deleted all partitions except C. Now the PC boots up and says "gnu grub version 0.95.... etc" and I...
  17. S

    getting BSOD

    getting blue screen with memory dump error memmory dumps to 100% and then restarts. Can any1 knows fix
  18. rosemolr

    Software Hack Lets Feature Phones Jam Calls, Texts Within 75 Miles

    There's something uniquely scary about the idea of your calls being jammed. Good news! It turns out blocking calls and texts to certain phones is pretty easy. Hackers have figured out how to turn a feature phone into a "jammer" with just a few software modifications. The hack was developed by a...
  19. chandan3

    Lost planet 2 language problem

    Lost planet is playing in russian language .all setting subttile r russian .bt voice language is to fix this???ple help me guys
  20. chandan3

    help me guys how to fix this

    i updated latest driver
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