1. Anorion


    for 3D/CGI that you are working on or finished projects
  2. L

    Data Recovery pro in bangalore for 1TB WD external HDD

    Dear all, I have a 1TB Western Digital portable external HDD ... It contains all my lifes work Few days ago, I had unplugged it from my laptop.. before it has finished doing its job... Now the situation is though I can see the harddisk in my windows 7 ... access to each file takes...
  3. Skud

    Why most people don't finish video games

    A pretty engaging read, head on to the following link:- Why most people don't finish video games - At least I, personally, can pretty much relate to the fact. It's easier for me to tell how many games I have finished in the past 2-3 years, rather than telling how many I have...
  4. S

    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

    Hey Guys.. Up for sale is my copy of Uncharted 2. As mint as it gets. Non Plat version. The Game is in mint condition, box and manual present as well. Would prefer Noida/NCR buyer for obvious reasons. Item Location: Noida Pricing: Rs 850/- Reason for Sale: Finished the game.
  5. K

    Please Help me - CCNA or MCITP ?

    Hai, I finished B.E IN 2007 and after working in small organisation, now i resigned my job and doing Basic Hardware and networking ( A+ and N+), I initially i planned of doing CCNA, But today a friend of mine told me that there are many people finished CCNA & the job scope is less, So he...
  6. Psychosocial

    The Red Dead Redemption thread

    I know most of you have completed it but as I just got a new console before a week, this was my first game preference. So I have finished 14% of the game and clocked in 4 hours. I just finished my first wanted poster side mission and captured the target alive :D. The game is super fun :)...
  7. V

    Suggest me good FPS game

    Can u guys suggest me good FPS game except CRYSIS .........recently finished F.E.A.R. Extraction point...
  8. ico

    testing - finished

    i m testing one thing....dont post here The thread title is "testing" Now the thread title should be "testing - 1-2-3-4" Its working.. Lets see if it changes to 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 Lets see if I'm successful or not....the title of the thread shoul be "testing - finished"....
  9. N

    Finally finished building my KILLER GAMING pc

    After so many suggestions from you guys,(in the thread "Build me a KILLER GAMING pc" here) I finally finished assembling my new high end GAMING rig. . It was May(08) when I started purchasing the PC components and its now November(08) after finally finishing it. It took time but got all the pc...
  10. abhi.eternal

    Review my website on Shillong & give your feedback and suggestions

    i finally uploaded my almost finished work on a website for Shillong, my hometown >> << I designed this site keeping international tourists on mind. Please give your feedback on the design and layout of the site and also suggestions on how it can be improved. also if you can...
  11. dreamcatcher

    Flashget query

    well i use flashget for downloading my torrents and i find that when i try to download a file, say 4 gb...the total downloaded colum is almost double of the finished column for example when the finished column shows 500 mb the total downloaded column shows 1 gb..y is it so???where is flashget...
  12. cynosure

    Computer Languages.

    Hi there guys, This year I finished off my 12th so no pressure of studies or something for another 3-4 months. Since my exams are over now and i have loads of time to spare I wish to learn some computer languages. I want to make games:D:D:cool: when I am done with my higher education;) so I want...
  13. sam9s

    Just finished PREY..Suggest next..

    Just finished PREY....Playing FARCRY..... Hi ALL, I just finished PREY and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the game. It was more of a puzzel rather than action. You hardly get to fight truly, more efforts goes in finding the way, but still it was refreshing. I felt the mother was fairly...
  14. K

    wanna sell my pc

    hi guys i wanna sell my pc 2 able 2 buy a lappy 4 myself my config is: 1).samsung sync master 793s 17" monitor 2).mercury 845 motherboard 3).256 mb ram 4).2.4 Ghz processor 5).2.1 speakers 6).ups 7)i ball mouse & keyboard 8).sony dvd rom 9).atx cabinet with 300W power supply. 10).floppy...
  15. blademast3r

    Finished quake 4!!!

    Hi guys jus finished quake 4 single playa...It roxxxxx...highly recommended for all gamers..btw the ending moments hinted a sequel or and expansion pack...cant wait for it!!!
  16. quan chi

    urgent help required. please atleast do reply.problem in gta sa.

    guys its like this i installed gta sa from dvd few weeks back.and it ran perfectly well.i played it for two to two and half weeks i suppose.then today after playing for sometime i quit from the game.and after sometime when i tried to enter the game again by clicking its icon i got this message.i...
  17. hellrider

    Tomb Raider Legend Queries

    I just finished Tomb Raider Legend, & the game is very short!!! Maybe 7 or 8hrs in length. Game ended very abruptly, N' i dunno y did they named this game as Legend. I thought Lara will dye in this game, as it was named Legend. I thought a new level will load after I finished the final boss...
  18. L

    windows xp automatic updates, question.

    hi, while downloading the automatic updates, y cant i see how many downloads has finished and how many stil left... every time after the dls started, i can only see the % of completion, clicking on that wudnt do anything to show the finished and dl components.... how can i see that? at times...
  19. sujeet2555

    anyone playboy geek

    anyone having fun with playboy:the mansion .i just finished the demo version.please post something about it.
  20. dreams

    Spiderman The Movie Game Help!!!!

    hello guys.. i was playin Spiderman The Movie Game in my PC last week.. I finished the first 2 levels and came 2 the 3rd level named Oscorps Gambit in which i was to swing in the air around the city and take some pic of myself.. i started swingin and took some pics too.. after tht i was...
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