urgent help required. please atleast do reply.problem in gta sa.

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quan chi

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guys its like this i installed gta sa from dvd few weeks back.and it ran perfectly well.i played it for two to two and half weeks i suppose.then today after playing for sometime i quit from the game.and after sometime when i tried to enter the game again by clicking its icon i got this message.i reinstalled it twice and got the same problem.

please guys please help me as i have finished the game up to 30 percent.i mean i have finished it upto the woozie(the chinese man) mission part.so friends you can see its really irritating when at the middle the game crashes.

please anybody help me.


i also had this problem. You can do the following steps

->Delete the "gta_sa.set" file from "My Documents/GTA SA User Files"

Then try to run the game. (if this doesnt help then follow the next step)

->Delete the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas" key from the registry & re-install the game.

If you are using a "No-CD" Patch (to preserve your DVD) then download a new one from http://tinyurl.com/zazv2 (mega games site)
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