Finished quake 4!!!

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Hi guys jus finished quake 4 single playa...It roxxxxx...highly recommended for all gamers..btw the ending moments hinted a sequel or and expansion pack...cant wait for it!!!


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yes definately better then doom3

i found d3 too repetitive..
and one thing i dislike the most abt both games is the darkness...

i am supposed to see the stuff to praise its beauty properly..

nothing compares to a fight is a well light room..
if it was for the effect then ok do that for sometime not the whole lot.
btw i think the darkness has dual role in both games..

the simple one is the effect on the player
and the second is to lower the graphic processor req.. atleast i think so.. because i have used MODs for bothgames that make the flashlight into a brigh OMNI light so that everything is lit up.. due to this fps drops almost by 40% in bothgames.. tho the affect is really nice.. u can see everything no darkness other then simple shadows...but then again i may be wrong.. may be the mod was not made properly...
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