Y500- 50k- Greendust.


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1. They do deliver. They're not scammers.
2. There's no assurance that the product will be pin perfect. From the reviews I've seen there's a good chance you'll get a slighly defective piece, but since they have a 1 year warranty and various replacement schemes, you'll FINALLY get a working piece.
3. I don't work for greendust :p Just saw this so I thought I'll post



well just saw their ad on TV (CNBC Awaaz), seems reliable to me..

Here's the ad:


I have purchased a fully automatic LG washing machine from Greendust...which just has a minor dent on one side. Before buying I did all the due diligence and went to LG showrooms near my house to find the actual dealer price for the machine and once I was satisfied I bought the washing machine from greendust which was around 23% cheaper from the lowest dealer price quote I could get.

Luckily for me I had Greendust showroom near my home...so I personally checked the product before buying. It has been more that two years now...its working flawlessly :)
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