last question b4 i finally purchase my laptop this monday


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guyz...finally im going to purchase the dell inspiron 15r special edition this monday...only doubt that remains is shuld i go for the i7(quad core,6mb cache) or the i5(Dual core ,3MB cache) a btech 1st year student in computer science will be largly using the laptop for programming(c.c++,java,.net,oracle) and also will be simultaneously be browsing net....will also do some gaming like FIFA12,NFS MW2,CoD 3 kindly tell me which processor shuld i go for by this sunday...
btw...will a 768p be a really big pain or is it good nough for the uses that ive suggested above.

PS: i know the i7 is a much faster processor...but my actual querie is that do i really require it on basis of by usage mentioned above...or can i make do with a i5 for a 5-6k less cost?? in fact it will be a gr8 help if some1 culd actually tell me xactly how much difference will the i7 and the i5 hv in terms of performance.


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what about the resolution is 768p nough...?? or is waiting for the 1080p fact is the 1080p a lot better as compared to the 768p?


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Yes it is lot better. If you can wait and your budget allows then go for 1080p

And you won't find visible difference i7 and i5 in the task mentioned by you.

You might find a lil difference but i am sure that difference isn't worth of 5k


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According to your usage the i5 should be enough but surely go for the 1080p screen if you can. The 720p screens by dell are of pathetic quality(comparing with other brands 720p screen) and on the other hand the 1080p screens dell uses are among the best laptop screens in market.
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