1. A

    I am having problems with Nokia Lumia 730

    I have bought a new nokia lumia 730 yesterday and now i am having problems with it. 1. Network Problem - It forces the network from 3G to 2G automatically.There is no only 3G mode.I am unable to use internet on 3G on this phone by my sim, while on the other device in the same time i can use...
  2. mikael_schiffer

    My USB HDD cannot be detected, but shows in Device Manager

    My HDD is Western Digital 1 TB My brother used the HDD in someone else computer, and thats when it stopped "functioning" Brining it back home, i put it in my PC. It cannot be detected by My Computer The LED Light is blinking, and i can feel the vibration of the HDD Here are the screen shots...
  3. Empirial

    Corrupt Micro SD

    Hi, I've a Strontium 32GB Class 6 SD and it seems to be severely corrupted. *Windows 7 can't access or Format Files. *Tried CHKDSK method in Dos Prompt but it Cannot Access Volume. *My Ubuntu 14.04 can't read the Card *3rd Party Apps like HP Format Tool, SD Formatter, W7 Disk...
  4. K

    Scanner problem- please help

    I want to scan my old book and save it in pdf format. But i am getting an output file like as if i have taken a photo with my camera i.e, when i open the output file in pdf reader, the document is in the center with all the white screen around it. Usually the entire screen should be filled with...
  5. bajaj151

    Clone Hard Disk = Solution or not ?

    There are media files on my friend system which can run and accessible only on his system in which it's software installation was done. I can't install that software on my system, because it requires installation key which is valid only for that system and needs online registration. For...
  6. cutemug

    Need help, unable to run setup files of torrent,snagit, etc most softwares

    After downloading the setup files for let's say torrent/youtube downloader/SnagIT, etc When I double click on the setup file, for installing, nothing happens, The busy signal appears for 1-2 secs, and then nothing is getting installed. Happened for most of the softwares I tried installing...
  7. GhorMaanas

    [Android] Saving/transferring browser history

    Hello all! is there any way by which the whole history of any browser could be saved, or transferred to PC, if a reformat of the phone or/and changing the ROM is intended? any folder in the system files which contains the records of the pages visited, which could be backed up and then restored...
  8. ithehappy

    How do you actually use Revo Uninstaller?

    I was wanting to uninstall a previous version of IDM (Internet Download Manager) via Revo (Pro), and I wanted to remove all traces of it, including registry files and all that, but I don't really understand this software, upon uninstall it asks whether I want to remove some possible registry...
  9. G

    Problem in whatsapp - pc like - what to do?

    Hello, to all of you. I am facing a very strange problem with my phone, today I connected my Note-4 with pc and open the whatsapp folder of the Internal storage of my phone in my pc's explorer, actually I tried to copy some of the old video files from the WhatsApp Video folder to my pc to free...
  10. amjath

    Steam game downloading on backup machine.

    Hi Guys, I have a query. If i install steam and download a game in my backup machine and copy the files back to my gaming rig, will the copied files accepted/validated?
  11. Genius-jatt

    How to copy OS from one HDD to another HDD with all files

    How to copy OS from one HDD to another HDD with all files Dear all members please help me by suggesting the best software which can copy or make image of C drive means the Operating system with installed software with all settings to another HDD. As all know the big worry is loosing some...
  12. adityak469

    Need Help, Again - Can't play most games.

    Solved - Can't play most games. SOLVED Back to this sub forum, again ;_; So its been happening a lot and its getting annoying. Whenever I install a game, ahem or legit version, there's like a 70% chance that some .dll(s) is missing, and after I place that .dll, the game just doesn't work. A...
  13. J

    mac outlook excel file attachments appear zipped and as seperate files in windows outlook..please he

    mac outlook excel file attachments appear zipped along with an html file and a number of seperate files in windows outlook
  14. A

    Wifi enable the printer

    I have the Epson L110 which is a regular single function printer. I wanted to know whether it is possible to make it wifi enabled. There is not enough space near my desktop so i have to transfer the files to my laptop or tablet and then print them as the printer is located at the other corner of...
  15. nomad47

    Guild Wars 2

    In the recent deal many of us have bought Guild wars 2. So lets discuss this game here. I have started downloading but still over 3 lakh files left. :evil: Has anyone started playing. My IGN will be nomad.6047.
  16. A

    freeware for extracting RAR files for windows 8

    please suggest.thanks
  17. Baker

    writing mp4 files to DVD so that it can play in player

    Guys i want to write few mp4 files in to DVD and same should be worked on DVD player. so i done the following steps 1: Downloaded DVDflick 2: imported files in sequent order 3: burn the DVD 4: And tried to play from media player and it got worked This DVD was for my parents , so...
  18. Ironman

    HDD - Need of Formatting ?

    I have faced a scenario where i have to erase all the data in a HDD and fill it again one one by while sorting the files properly HDD in Question : Portable 1 TB Seagate Main Reason to do it : Fragmentation My Question. Which one is better ? Quick Format or Full Format ? Which of them will...
  19. reddick

    HTC Explorer (Rooted) Freezed at Startup Screen

    Hi There, I've this phone and installed 'Super user' files to Root it and then I'd installed 'Link2SD Card' app and followed a procedure 'to make SD card as internal storage'. Yesterday I had to give this phone to my cousin and then I tried to Reset the phone. It got Factory Reset it , but...
  20. A

    software to encrypt files in windows 8

    please suggest anything other than TRUECRYPT which isnt available anymore
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