1. S

    local sharing in alliance broadband network

    Hi all. A friend of mine wants to share some files with me. As alliance provides static ip and both of us use alliance for internet, I was wondering if it would be possible to search for his computer over the network and get the files over it. Any help / suggestion in this regard would be...
  2. G

    [Help] Urgent Blue Screen Of Death

    Hi guys i've been facing the blue screen of death issue from yesterday.I know there are already many thread on this issue but also did notice the solution was different for different people so thats why i created my own thread. Stuff i did recently in my computer: 1) Recently i've installed...
  3. J

    how to recover locked folder.

    i locked a folder with folder lock professional mrt .. and i forgot the password... i really need those files lzz hel
  4. A

    free software for encrypting files on windows 8

    please help.thanks
  5. Flash

    Lindsay Lohan Files Lawsuit Against Rockstar Games

    Lindsay Lohan Files Lawsuit Against Rockstar Games WTH!!!
  6. R

    Software to delete multiple copies of same File

    I have been downloading songs from torrents for months now and I have stacked up the same song files may be more than 5 times in some cases . Is there any software that can remove the multiple files . Also want to remove the numbers from all the file names at one go. Cheers guys
  7. Sankalp Tripathi

    Issues downloading files (mostly pdf's) form Facebook.Please help

    Hello Digitians,I have joined a small group of Upsc aspirants.Admin of the group posts useful stuff for fellow members.But every now and then ,i am unable to download those files.Most of them are scanned .pdf files.Many members are fcing same problem.Of course he has no idea why this happens...
  8. L

    need suggestions regarding storage

    hey i need to something from which i will be able to acess all my files from various devices without an internet connection is there any possible way i can connect an external hard disk to a router without an internet connection and browse all my files using wifi on my laptop and my android...
  9. A

    MS office faux pas

    what microsoft office version can i download free for win 8.Ionly have a few Microsoft redistributable visual software of various MBs of 2008-2010 vintage preinstalled in my original USA made HP window 8 lappy.i had to uninstall a BORROWED microsoft office 2010 after i erroneously downloaded...
  10. mikael_schiffer

    Trojan+Worm converted all my files to a weird file. HELP !

    My pendrive has more than 1 Gb worth of data. Data including videos, files, focs, mp3s and a backup of Windows Office setup Last week i took a file from Uni's Psycho dept.I was warned that there are virus aplenty. Well, which govt office computer doesn't have virus ,right? so i went ahead...
  11. U

    Android book app maker

    Hi Friends, I had some word files which I want to convert them into an android book app. I tried the Android book app maker personal but it did not help as it converts only text files. My word files contain text along with images. Can anybody tell me if there is any app which can serve the...
  12. B

    Tablet Under10K

    hi to all i need advice reg the price range is up to primary objective of the tab is , also DOC, PPT the size of the PDF May go up to 150mb, so i need such a tab which will smoothly handle big PDF file it should quickly load and scrolling should be quick. its required for...
  13. ariftwister

    How to join two word documents ?

    I have two word documents each containing separate title as well as some contents. Now I want to join those two word documents in such a manner that editing 1st file's content doesn't affect 2nd files title position. Is there a way to do it? Am I overlooking simple things? PS: I'm using MS WORD 13
  14. adityak469

    PC not booting, not able to format

    I bought a new HDD(WD Blue) yesterday and installed it. After installing, the PC isn't booting and i removed the HDD, tried booting, all in vain. I tried to format it, but the screen is stuck at starting windows after loading windows files. What to do ? Please help - - - Updated - - - and when...
  15. S

    need help people.... nexus 5 exe problem..

    i have downloaded couple of exe files from net on my nexus 5 which i intended to use on my computer. when i try to view those files in my mobile they seem to b present. bt when i connect my mobile to computer the files are absent over there in my pc... i cant seem to find those exe files...
  16. Zangetsu

    Strange Issue with PDF

    Hi All, Today morning I edited my PDF using Wondershare PDF Editor and checked the result in Foxit Reader. I just changed the date from 15 March to 18 March then I checked the changed pdf file in my frnds PC (which has full of virus & no AV) first of all the worms deleted all the files...
  17. P

    External subtitle problem, please help!

    I am using mpc hc with renderer madvr latest with lav filters. I am using xysubfilter version 682 beta for subtitles but it only displays embedded subtitles, external .srt subtitle files are not diplayed. I heard a registry hack is availlable for it but could not find it. Please help me...
  18. R

    How to recover my lost files of Outlook?

    Hi friends, i need good recovery software to easily get back lost files of Outlook. Is there any way to recover lost files of Outlook then plz share your views....
  19. akhilc47

    Why 720p videos have width less than that?

    Why 720p videos have height less than that? This is a silly doubt I've been having for a long time. Whenever I get a video file named as 720p or BRrip or 1080p their actual video frame height is less. Like 536 or so for 720p files. My idea was HD is 1280*720 and fHD is 1920*1080. But for almost...
  20. R

    Oracle 9i sqlplus configuration problem

    I have installed oracle 9i in windows xp. After installation i am not able to open isqlplus in client's browsers which are in the same network. I can access the documentation files by giving the server's IP in client's browser. Please let me know how to configure apache, sqlplus etc. files. urgent.
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