My USB HDD cannot be detected, but shows in Device Manager

My HDD is Western Digital 1 TB

My brother used the HDD in someone else computer, and thats when it stopped "functioning"

Brining it back home, i put it in my PC. It cannot be detected by My Computer

The LED Light is blinking, and i can feel the vibration of the HDD

Here are the screen shots of Device Manager and diskmgmt.msc



What can i do about it ?

There is nearly 900GB of Family photos and pictures with lots and lots of important stuffs. I cant lose this HDD, its too important. I have no backup of the files. Its a DO or DIE situation i NEED those files back..


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Try it on another computer. If it's not possible for some reason then run a live linux distro and test the HDD there. If it works uninstall all USB drivers of windows, reboot and let them auto install.
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