1. rohitshakti2

    How to open Music Files & magazines Downloaded by Jio Using Another Apks

    Hi friends, I am using Jio connection. Jio music & video downloads files and stores them on the mobile. But when I try to open these files from another music apk, these could not be opened. Secondly I am also using Jio magazine apk which downloads magazines in pdf form with a password and...
  2. Zangetsu

    RAD game tools help

    Anybody has knowledge on editing BK2 files (Bink Video) ? I have .wmp files from FF13 and want to extract the video + audio by converting it to Bink format.
  3. J

    How do I remove junk files from my computer hard drive

    Which is best junk removal software to clean unwanted files from my computer hard drive. My computer hard drive is now full and i want to run a computer files cleaner software which allows me to gain disk space on my PC.
  4. S

    3D model/animation/skeleton/texture/vfx viewer

    Hello everyone I am a boy of 18 years old.I am fond of playing moba games and i want to request something to all of you.will it be possible for anyone to create a Create a 3D Model/Skeletal/Animation/texture/vfx viewer tool which can change the file extensions. I want the above mentioned...
  5. S

    3d tool or plugin

    Hello everyone I need some help.I want to change the file extensions of some models,skeletons,animations,vfx files from some moba games so that i can import them in 3d game engines but the problem is that there are no plugins for game engines to import them and no 3d tool to change the file...
  6. nac

    Can I still use this Pendrive?

    I tried to play this video in my system, but mine couldn't handle it. Since I am gonna buy an i3 in the near future and also my cousin has an i3 laptop, I thought why not give it a try in his laptop and see i3's capability. We played the video, in less than a minute laptop shutdown on its own...
  7. K

    Way for faster transferring?

    Hi Guys, It relates to WINDOWS7 ULTIMATE. I usually transfer files from UPB to laptop and from laptop to USB. But it takes very much time for transferring the files. Is there any way or reliable free software for faster transferring?
  8. B

    GTA V not starting

    Hello Friends, I have installed GTA V in a Windows 10 system but the game is not even starting. Few questions, first I have also installed Social club from the setup present in GTA V folder in program files. Now the installed RG folder in Program Files has two executable files subprocess and...
  9. K

    Free softwares

    Hi guys, I want to delete files folders(including on external hardisk) and everything safely. Which is best free software for the purpose? I want to zip and unzip files. The software should support maximum capacity of files,folder,.etc. Which is best and free?
  10. kool

    Asus X205TA , Micromax Lapbook, iBall Compbook ??? Which one is best for study purpose?

    Hi guys, I want to buy mini laptop for study purpose (i.e reading PDF files, browsing websites, PPT files and watching youtube videos). Not interested in gaming and photo editing adobe Photoshop software. I have searched lot about notebook and mini laptop and liked these machine...
  11. A

    How to connect 2 system with USB cable

    Hi, I do have a Desktop and laptop. Sometime i have to transfer big files in between I larger than mine available PD. I heard one of my friend was telling me can connect 2 system with USB cable and share files. Is anybody suggest me way to fix it ?
  12. ramakanta

    Transfer Files Over Wi-Fi(Laptop-Android Phone)

    How to Transfer Files Over Wi-Fi Between Laptop/PC and Android Phone or wi-fi enable phone???
  13. A

    How to back up data from an Android phone with a damaged screen.

    I dropped my Moto X 2nd gen yesterday and now display is not working. It was running marshmallow. I tried connecting it to my PC to recover files. It is getting detected but as USB mode was set to charging, I can't actually see my files there (before the damage it had to be set to media transfer...
  14. nac

    Need to recover corrupted files - Help

    Long story short - Files I have created, modified on my last use (of PC) have gone corrupted. I have back up, but they are 2 months old. I spend a lot of time to rebuild some of the things I lost and some are not that important so I didn't bother get them back. I thought it's over, but now I see...
  15. J

    Advice sought for deleted folders

    Dear friends, I am from Kolkata. I had two parallel 4 TB external HDDs mounted on a laptop. One fine morning while I booted the machine up windows 8.1 showed a blue screen but recovered on it's own. After that incident in both the EHDDs few very important subfolders went missing from one...
  16. B

    Sort files number wise

    Hi Guys, How to sort some excel files in ascending or descending order? I am not able to find any option in Choose Details thing. What should I do? * Thanks
  17. rohitshakti2

    Copying Youtube offline videos and ES explorer problem

    Hi friends I am using youtube offline feature from simetime now. It is nice feature but if we don't use internet for a few days, the offline files can't be accessed. Is there any way to copy those files to my SD card so that it can be viewed anytime with or without internet and can also be...
  18. G

    Jawahar Lal Nehru referred to Subhas Chandra Bose as a 'war criminal'

    Jawahar Lal Nehru referred to Subhas Chandra Bose as a 'war criminal' More at from 12:30 pm onward and more files to be sent by UK and Russia.
  19. S

    PC and Android file sharing - Help needed

    I am using BSNL BB. My modem is TP-Link w8968. PC is connected via Ethernet. I want to enable the android devices to access the shared files of the PC through Wi-Fi. I am able to share files between two PCs through Ethernet, but to android through Wi-Fi is not working well. I tried to use...
  20. nac

    I am redirected to

    For the last 2 weeks or so, I am getting redirected to up on loading a website. Not all the time, but it's happening. I reset my browser, ran malwarebytes, antivirus. It's still happening. I don't know if it's happening to the all the sites I visit or only few of them. As of now, I...
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