1. A

    file transper

    Hi, can u please tell me how to transfer files from one laptop to another using wlan? I just want to transfer some files from one laptop to other.Both have win 7 OS.
  2. A

    Omnia w

    Hey friends, can we use bluetooth to transfer files in samsung omnia w Also how is the phone as a whole
  3. G

    folder with pc name and p name.exe file in it

    Hi, In my pen drive a folder with pc name is being created and inside the folder a recycle bin. Mcaffee is not detecting but Symantec endpoint protection is able to delete the pc name.exe file. I have a screen shot and the chest data from Symantec endpoint protection. I u/l the jpg and the...
  4. R

    Queries about Philips DVP3886X/94 DVD player

    I am giving u guys the link of Philips DVP3886X/94 DVD player's specifications. I need to know if it will be able to play .AVI, .WMV or even .MKV files because I m a bit confused with this .DIVX extension.Plz help.
  5. V

    TPB will stop torrents files, shift to 'magnet Links'!

    worlds Biggest Torrents linking site 'Pirate Bay announced it is moving from serving torrents files, to 'magnet links' linking..* As copyright holders bring more pressure on Peer-To-Peer sites, they get progressively...
  6. A

    find and replace dos batch

    suppose i have a file a.txt which contains: D:\Doc\Abhay\bat i want to change this to D:\Doc\Abhay\ plz write an .bat file for this. I have no idea how to write batch files. I googled it, found some answers too but couldn't understand anything. plz give me complete code start to end
  7. W

    How to play videos through usb on sony bravia bx32?

    Hello. i recently bought a new SOny bravia bx32. The problem is that i cant play the video files through usb. most of them are BRrips or BDrips that i get from frnds. Pls help me out. the files are detected when i connect the usb but wen i select play it just displays the message 'No playback'...
  8. K

    asking for crack of pc game

    I just want to ask you that can you provide me the crack of prison break the conspiracy for pc. I had downloaded many .torrent files but after downloading the files it opens up with the trozan virus file named as dvm.dll
  9. K

    WD 1TB Ext HDD: File is corrupted or unreadable error

    I am having trouble with my Western Digital 1TB External HDD Few days earlier I got this error "File is either corrupted or unreadable" while creating new folders or copying files in few specific folders of Drive F only. Drive E was working fine. I ran Disc Scan from Drive properties > Tools...
  10. Kev.Ved

    Using laptop solely on battery power/plugged in to source?

    Please suggest Is it fine to run the laptop only plugged in to the source with occasional 2-3 times discharging (10% or less) every 30 days? Usage pattern: Internet browsing/downloading/audio/video streaming, reading PDF files, Audio/Video playback, average gaming. Thanks in advance...
  11. Kev.Ved

    Free software to create PDF (Windows 7 - 32 bit))

    Suggest free software to create pdf files from image/doc/excel files compatible with Windows 7 - 32 bit.
  12. V

    Alan Wake for PC

    The first Alan Wake is about to finally get its PC release, according to listings on the Steam registry and further teasing from Remedy. Files for specific language versions of the game – including English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish – plus other files all appeared on the...
  13. soyab0007

    Getting problem in opening .Exe files

    I scanned my computer with microsoft security essentials and found 3 virus which includes svchost.exe After removing virus when i open any .exe files or installed application I get the below error.. I tried to system restore @ earlier state but nothing happened, files are opening when I...
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