New LG Optimus G2 & New Android Confirmation? [Q3 2013]

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Optimus G is in shipping stages at many places and maybe an Optimus G2 is on the machines for a Q3 2013 release.
Features top of the line specs.

Quad-core 2.0/2.5GHz Krait processor
At least 2GB of RAM
Full-HD display
Camera that features a sensor that's 13-megapixel or higher

Also the article kind of confirms that the next version of Android will be 5.0 named Key Lime Pie!

LG Optimus G2 may have quad-core CPU, full-HD display, Android 5.0 | NDTV Gadgets


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Do we really need this thread now? G2 is coming out in Q3-Q4 2013 and most likely won't come to India. And before that we have Galaxy S4 which may even pack 8-core processor, HTC DNA+ or so, Amazon Kindle mobile and the list will just go on and on with new leaks.

Closing this thread.
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