1. S

    Need help to buy a new smartphone.

    Hey guys I need to buy a new android smartphone but because of my complicated requirements I have been stuck deliberating and deciding which one I should get. So figured I should seek out advice from here. Here is a list of feature I want in my new mobile phone 1) Have great performance...
  2. M

    Feature phone around 2k

    As the title says, I want a feature phone for my extra SIM card and want it to be a flip(clamshell) phone since I used to adore those back when I was 11 and I still do.Budget is around 2k. I could also settle for a feature phone with good speakers. Most importantly, the phone should have...
  3. S

    USB Tethering in Lenovo Vibe P1m

    Hello, I am interested in buying this product: Lenovo VIBE P1m 16 GB Black | Buy Lenovo VIBE P1m Mobile Phone Online at Best Price in India | Flipkart.com The Lenovo Vibe P1m. I would like to know if this phone has the USB Tethering feature by which I can connect the phone to my...
  4. A

    Adaptable Storage Feature

    You all should have know about the 'adaptable storage' feature in android marshmallow. Because of this feature you can use your external sd card as the internal storage. Moto series is bringing this feature to the masses by the android marshmallow update. But i don't know why companies like...
  5. T

    I want to buy smartphone below Rs 10,000.............sharing internet connection from pc to android

    I want to buy smartphone below Rs 10,000 of any brand of Samsung or Celkon or Micromax or Lenovo or HTC brand, which has the fallowing features:- 1.Operating System: Android latest version 2.Screen Size: 4 to 5 inches 3.Camera: 5 MP or more 4.Processor: speed more than 1GHZ 5.RAM: 2GB or...
  6. ithehappy

    Google's new "Find My Phone" feature! How can only I access it but anyone else?

    I just saw that Google introduced some Find My Phone feature today, which is basically just a service with which you will be able to find your phone, and I tried that, and it works! The phone rang, even when it was set to Mute, the sound profile changed and made it to Ringer profile all by...
  7. V

    WhatsApp brings Calling feature to Android users!

    WhatsApp Calling feature now for Android Users! At first I thought that it was rumor but it really is a thing. I think that this update would bring a lot of changes in the communication technology in the near future. This is really great. Read more: WhatsApp Calling feature now for Android...
  8. O

    MotoG--WiFi switches on by its own

    Guys, the WiFi in my Moto G turns ON automatically whenever there is an available signal. How do i turn off this feature? pls suggest.
  9. ithehappy

    Any uploading hosts / cloud supports Pause feature?

    As the title asks, are there any uploading hosts or cloud service which supports a 'pause' feature? Is that even possible with uploading? I have tried a few, GDrive, Dropbox, Box etc (I personally use Firedrive), but none of them have it. With an ultra slow upload speed, a pause feature would be...
  10. R

    Torch & Wireless Radio Mobile Needed

    Can someone please suggest few mobiles with flashlight and wireless radio, preferably from nokia? No other feature needed like camera or mp3 etc. ty
  11. andcha

    Suggest Cheapest Phone with Call Record Feature

    Hey Guys I am looking for a phone to park my two extra phone number. Please suggest a cheapest feature phone with call recording feature. Any brand will do but phone should be preferably available on an online store. All the better if it is dual Sim. Thanks EDIT: Although the requirement is...
  12. Nanducob

    Implementing 'Like' feature in TDF

    Would you be liking the 'like' feature in TDF(If Implemented) ? All Members please vote,thank you:)
  13. Allu Azad

    Google Removes Vital Privacy Feature From Android, Claiming Its Release Was Accidental

  14. Droid

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to have advanced wireless charging feature.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to have advanced wireless charging feature. We have seen a few more smartphones recently that do offer wireless charging in one form or another, but the technology that Samsung is thinking of using next year takes this feature to another level. Currently devices that...
  15. furious_gamer

    Acer announces 6-inch Liquid S2, 'first 4K-recording smartphone'

    From Site : Features and specs Read full article here : Source
  16. J

    Internet connection with HUB feature in Goregaon -west

    is anybody know any ISP in Goregaon west who provide HUB feature like 5 networks provide?
  17. H2O

    Feature Phone Within Rs 3000 - Rs 4000

    Hello Everyone. My dad needs a good feature phone within 3K - 4K. He doesn't like touchscreen or qwerty phones. All he needs is good call quality, good in terms of music and good battery back-up. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  18. Ricky

    HTC ONE Dual SIM coming to India

    Those who are looking for premium high end set with DUAL, they may have an option, though Samsung S4 dual sim is available in China but it seems HTC ONE will be first to launch Dual SIM in India in premium segment.. Src:Techmgc
  19. A

    XOLO q800 OR lava IRIS 504q... plz advise

    hi.. i am really confused between xolo q800 and lava 504q my doubts are as follws..... i know all the specification performance review benchmarks. Also i can live with 4.5 inch qHD scrn..... 1. The price diff btween them is around 2000 and lava provides flip cover(500/-) OTG...
  20. paroh

    suggest PSU for haswell

    I want to run the following config. Please suggest a PSU for this that support the Haswell new feature. As i search the net but don't get, as on some site PSU haswell reay and haswell compatible what is the difference in Haswell ready and haswell compatible. As i want to use the feature of...
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