Implementing 'Like' feature in TDF

Do you support the Like Feature

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Would you be liking the 'like' feature in TDF(If Implemented) ?

All Members please vote,thank you:)
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I would love it. I think this was being discussed in TDF upgrade main thread and some were complaining that people will be hankering for likes and all. I think that a post with many likes instantly draws your attention and gets you curious as to what the member has posted.

I enjoy the like feature and live alerts on TE and would like the same on TDF.


+1 for simple TDF. We don't want TDF to be like other forums where people compete for getting likes and thanks, where the skin is to cartoonish that it remotely resembles a tech discussion forum. A 1 week pool for implementing like feature will be useful.

my thoughts exactly :)


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Like... :)
XDA and all other forums having like feature are crap?
+1 for THANKS from my side.

There is no denying that XDA is a good forum,IMO the thanks feature has turned it to a begging site,where most people write off to receive thanks in every posts and sigs.


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IMO, if implemented, it should be in appropriate sections where solutions to problems are sought to point out the best solution, and likes etc mustn't be indicated on profile to avoid making it a competition.


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This was discussed earlier and was decided to implement. But, ICO (he was admin then) could not find a plugin. So, we don't have it. If there is any such plug-in that you have found then post it here, else this poll/thread is a waste.
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