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You all should have know about the 'adaptable storage' feature in android marshmallow.
Because of this feature you can use your external sd card as the internal storage.

Moto series is bringing this feature to the masses by the android marshmallow update.
But i don't know why companies like sony, samsung, LG are not bringing this feature to their device in the updates.
As users are reporting that these companies have hided or removed this feature from their firmware update.

I would like to ask a few questions that if i format my sd card on a device as internal storage, can i use it on other device?
I know that we can not use sd card on the other devices, but how can we use our sd card as normal back again?

This feature is a deal-breaker for me.
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Some expert will surely provide you the correct answer. Well, I am happy to know about the adaptable feature of marshmallow. I hope if I will update my Android lollipop version it will work as told by you.


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When you first install a new android m rom it will ask if you want SD card to be used for portable media or internal.just follow wizard reboot phone you are done.

This thing saved me since moto e has very less internal memory.I am not sure if it can be used in other phones but once you remove it from phone it may have unwanted effect.

If you are struggling with internal memory then use this feature its awesome.

Else don't use it Since its a new feature very less information are available on internet.
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