Need help to buy a new smartphone.


Right off the assembly line
Hey guys I need to buy a new android smartphone but because of my complicated requirements I have been stuck deliberating and deciding which one I should get. So figured I should seek out advice from here.

Here is a list of feature I want in my new mobile phone

1) Have great performance i.e. RAM more than 2 GB ( yes I know more ram does always mean better performance)
2) Should have a micro sd slot.
3) Should have stock android or if not then must be easy to root. ( because I am a noob)
4) It would be great if it is dual sim although I know phones with dedicated sim and SD slots are quite rare.
5) Fingerprint scanner because why not ( not really important more of a whim)
6) MUST be able to operate on LTE networks
7) Camera quality and audio feature and screen and whatnot are secondary concerns and don't make much difference to me.

Budget is of no concern for now (means I haven't decided any) but don't go too overboard.

I know this seems like a massive problem but please help. I have been stuck for the last 6 months.

PS I might post some phones which liked and I would appreciate if you could tell me if they are any good for me


Mention your max budget first.
You can either go with a G4+ or a Oneplus 3, both belong to a different performance category.


As you haven't mentioned the budget, here are 3 options you might consider.

under ₹10k:

₹7k - Coolpad Note 3 Lite (3 GB RAM, fingerprint, dedicated microSD with dual SIM)
₹8k - Coolpad Note 3 Plus ( 3 GB RAM, fingerprint, dedicated microSD with dual SIM)
Both above is Mediatek and both support LTE ( not VoLTE sadly though).

under ₹15k:

₹14k - Lenovo Zuk Z1

under ₹30k:

Oneplus 3

I don't know much about Asus phones and root compatiablity ( in Coolpad, the UI is good - as I've personally used it).

Well, my requirements were (kind of) similar to yours, and I finally settled for Oneplus 3 and I did doubled my budget :p
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