1. tamatarpakoda

    [Contest] Challenge #7 = Who's your favourite game character?

    Ever felt so connected to a game character that you start having dreams with them? Whether you're bopping Koopa Troopas with Mario or taking out some aliens alongside Masterchief, there's a connection. Let us know who your favourite game character of all time is. IMPORTANT: Attach the...
  2. Apollo

    [Contest] Challenge #5 = Your all-time favourite games?

    Start scratching your head… … and tell us about your all-time favourite games and what makes them so special. Is it Mario? Snakes or Ladders? Tetris? Contra? Snake? Or something more contemporary like Call of Duty, Battlefield, GTA, CSGO, Dota 2? Come on, don’t be shy! The best responses...
  3. Desmond

    Short Films Thread

    This thread is dedicated to sharing interesting short movies on the web. To start off, here are a few I like:
  4. Nanducob

    FIFA 2014 - Which Team Do Yo Support?

    Hi, Just 3 days remaining and I like to know Digit forum user's favourite teams. Thanks: p Please vote
  5. Nanducob

    Share Your Favourite Facebook Pages

    Please share your favourite Facebook pages here,let others see them too:) Posting mine: See More https://www.facebook.com/seewaymore Has about 2 million likes,formerly nown as 4chan,posts stuff from 4chan,9gag,reddit etc.Even have there own website.My favourite page Welcome to the Internet...
  6. omega44-xt

    IPL 6 thread.

    Vote for your favourite team
  7. harshilsharma63

    Suggest computer modding websites

    Hi, I'm looking for computer modding projects, so please post your favourite computer modding websites/projects. Thank You
  8. aaruni

    Favourite map in CS 1.6

    Post your favourite map in cs 1.6 / CZ Mine is CS_OFFICE
  9. samudragupta

    which cologne/perfume do you wear??

    hi friends i'm just new to the cologne world and have just started trying out some colognes. i got 16 testers/vials from UK. which one is your favorite and why? here's a list of colognes i've tried (i dont own any yet): since i'm new to this i cant really describe the base notes that well. 1)...
  10. techiemaharaj

    Which is your favourite dialogue in Bol Bachchan ??

    Guys as you know Bol Bachchan has released yesterday, I and many others would have seen it already. The movie's dialogues are amazing !! Ajay Devgan's English is Mind Blowing !! Hence I start this thread alongwith a poll to know Whats your favourite dialogue in the movie ?? Please...
  11. Nanducob

    your favourite weapon?

    wats ur favourite weapon[s]/gun from a video game:-D, for me its the detonator from deadspace 2......also please mention the name of the game too..so that i could test the weapon :D thanks
  12. CommanderShawnzer

    your favourite console games

    post your favourite console games(and memorable events related to them) oh, and consoles are both home consoles and handhelds my favourites PSP 1.God of War :Ghost OF Sparta 2.Grand theft auto : vice city stories 3.monster hunter freedom 2 4.Ratchet and clank : Size Matters 5.tekken 6...
  13. Desmond

    The RPG Thread.

    Do you like adventuring, exploration and killing exotic monsters? Then tell us about where you like to hangout. This thread is dedicated to discuss your favourite RPGs on all platforms. My favourite RPGs (in no particular order): -Elder Scrolls series (Arena, Oblivion and Skyrim) -Diablo...
  14. S

    Favourite songs here

    The title tellsssss.........
  15. Tejas.Gupta

    Your favourite Android Apps of all time ?

    What's Your favourite Android app of all time :) A Android without good apps is a Lock without Keys :D
  16. Gaurav265

    Imagine your favourite game.

    hi,friends we all play games but think what happen when you able to make your own favourite game so,i make this thread for if you can make your game then imagine which type of game you make. my imagination is- i like the sims 3 its story but i think in a new way if the sims look like...
  17. A

    Your preferred programming language

    There have been threads like which antivirus you use or which operating system you use etc. But here is a thread which programming language you use the most or which is your favourite one??. Tell with reason.
  18. Chetan1991

    Post your favourite Android games

    Post your favourite Android games here. Please mention whether the game is freeware or not, and minimum requirements, if any.
  19. H

    Your favourite Symbian Apps of all time

    Symbian has been one of the most customizable and open operating systems, allowing file-system access since the now-ancient Nokia 6600. Name three (or 'n') of your favourite Symbian apps, and tell us why you love them. [Btw, I am Harman and this is for a feature in the next issue of Digit]
  20. Sathish

    Favourite PDF reader

    Pick up your favourite pdf reader. It should be a freeware.. usability is more important. My priorities goes below 1> Speed 2> Text and Image Quality 3>Other Features. 4>license. for me > PDF X Change viewer.
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