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which cologne/perfume do you wear??


hi friends i'm just new to the cologne world and have just started trying out some colognes. i got 16 testers/vials from UK. which one is your favorite and why?
here's a list of colognes i've tried (i dont own any yet): since i'm new to this i cant really describe the base notes that well.
1) lacoste essential sport - my favourite
2) david off champion - cool
3) dirty english - very sweet and mild
4) givenchy play intense - very masculine

i still have to try around 10-12 brands from the stuff i got...

i still wanna try the much appreciated armani aqua di gio, bvlgari aqua & burberry london.
your suggestions are welcome...


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Burberry - Weekend
Clinique - Happy
Elizabeth Arden - Green Tea
Elizabeth Arden - Sunflower
Hermes - Eau Claire des Merveilles (current favorite)


as Kratos
my sweat smells good.

"Youth Never Wore Cologne"

:clap2: nice lines.

@samudragupta I usually wear economic perfumes of whiskey (brand name not real whisky lol). I usually like the strong smells, and whiskey smell lasts for 12 hours in normal indoor living. Right now I'm wearing whiskey black, the smell is intoxicating.
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i use AXE special edition.Which helps to make me sleep comfortably.
(I go to sleep with tina and wake up in the morning with mena.Stll dont know how this happens)


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Brute, Whiskey - Deo

not very fond of perfumes...but hv tried Lomani, Brute, Hugo, Blue Seduction(Antonio Banderas brand)


I usually choose one of BRUT, Park Avenue or Gatsby, though I do try others too. There was this one a long time ago that had an intense fruity smell that made anyone around me hungry.....
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