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  1. A

    Ye Anderr Ki baat Hai

    ppl, we all use Undies ( i guess most of us do) There are so many brands available.. which 1's u r favourite... n why ? options i could think of Jockey :rolleyes: Calvin Klein Bonus Rupa Frontline :| Vip Marks n Spencers .. ?? My favourite is Jockey... its tagline "Next Best thing to...
  2. V

    Post ur favourite games here

    Hi Gamerz, As the title of the thread says Post ur favourite games here so guys and gals jet-set-go. My Favourites:- Need For Speed : Most Wanted (Eager to be in Blacklist #1) Prince Of Persia : The Two Thrones (Already completed) Prince Of Persia : Warrior Within (Already completed) Grand...
  3. Who

    Your Favourite Thread ??

    This is my favourite thread !!, what's your ? :D
  4. Gigacore

    Which E-mail service do u use the most?

    Which is ur favourite and most often used e-mail service?
  5. nileshgr

    Which is your favourite email client?

    Hey guys, i am using evolution on my machine for emails. I want to know what are your favourites. Evolution has many-many good features, so its my favourite. Pls vote for your email client. Also post reply if the email client is not avaialble on the list. :)
  6. ssk_the_gr8

    Which is ur favourite hardware review?

    ok guys...everyone has their favourites....like i wait for the cpu,gpu & mobo reviews in the digit mag or any other mag or website...so what is ur favourite? ps- u can vote for more than 1...plz dont vote for all of them :D & plz specify wat is ur choice if u vote for others hey who ever chose...
  7. Manshahia

    Best widgets in opera...

    frnds share ur favourite widgets u use mostly in opera...
  8. vish786

    WinDVD vs PowerDVD... ur favourite & why???

    so guys which is ur favourite software dvd player.......... and why...... which features u like the most in them...... if u use other players u can mention them also......
  9. aj27july

    Favourite linux distro poll

    which is your favourite linux distro??
  10. abhijit_reddevil

    Manchester United to sign Henrik Larsson? correct?

    Source:http://mu.tv.manutd.com/default.aspx?p=channels/C1LatestNews Old is gold.:cool: By the way, I thought it would have been better if my favourite club signed someone younger like Fernando Torres from Athletico Madrid.:cool: That was a pre-season speculation.
  11. Manshahia

    Which is your favourite distro

    Hi friends, What do u think which is the best Linux Distro?? May U hav tried every version and u want to tell all of us.
  12. techtronic

    Which is the best War game u have ever played

    I always rate Commandos - Men Of Courage as my all time favourite
  13. ssk_the_gr8

    Age of Empires III strategy

    i recently bought the game and i love it this is a thread for all AOE lovers plz write in about ur 1)favourite civ 2)why is it ur favourite 3)what is the strategy u use with it wheter u boom or rush or turtle or do a fast fortress etc. which units do u use etc what is the...
  14. softhunterdevil

    Animate Your Favourite Game Character!!!

    Ever wanted to see your favourite game character say what you want him/her to ??? *Just tell your favourite game character & give a sentence ....you are done* For more perfect animation and detailing ... Just give me the following details and I will make one for you :) 1. Choose...
  15. naveen_reloaded

    Which Is Ur Favourite Phone?

    post in here ,ur favourite phone...or the next phone u r about to change... MY FAV PHONE :SONY ERICSSON K700 MY PHONE NOW :SONY ERICSSON K750 MY NEXT PHONW WOULD BE :SONY ERICSSON K800 To know more about K800 visit...
  16. C


    OK i think this would be an interesting thread WHICH IS UR MOST FAVOURITE DISTRO & WHY? Plz dont start Distro Wars Episode One here :P .....just mention ur favourite distro & WHY u like it above all others..keep it short, simple & peaceful :wink: If I had to choose just one distro...
  17. Vishal Gupta

    Share Your Favourite WindowBlinds Skin Here!

    Hi Guys! Yesterday I installed WindowBlinds 5.01 in my comp, it contains already some good skins but I also d/l ed some other skins, which I found amazing! :) Thats why I'm starting this topic, so that members who use WindowBlinds, can share their favourite skins here. It'll let other...
  18. Vyasram

    What's ur favourite genre?

    Read topic. My favourites are Strategy and sport games
  19. U

    Best games you've ever played!!!

    List all your favourite games. 8)
  20. S


    War games have always been my favourite....So I wanted to know your reviews on them....
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