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Your preferred programming language

Your preferred programming language

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There have been threads like which antivirus you use or which operating system you use etc.
But here is a thread which programming language you use the most or which is your favourite one??. Tell with reason.


Sami Hyypiä, LFC legend
Where's PHP in the options? ;)
And I selected every option apart from VB, Objective-C, and Delphi (more so because I've no idea in these). Every language is preferable in its own right ;)

That said my favourite language is Python.


C and C++ .These are the only ones that I've learned till date.But I've some keen interest in learning Prolog :smile:


Simply a DIGITian
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Well, I love C, as I that's the programming language that I learned first, and my logic was developed using C only, but then I don't know C that much, just about medium level which I learned in college and got polished when I learned Data Structure, and more polished when I used it under Linux.

My most preferred language is PHP, don't know why, but I find it really easier to grasp, and there are many PHP Developers out there and lots of forums. It got more polished when I started doing Freelancing on web development on my free time and worked on few projects.

Then I learned Python, which I liked most.

But still PHP is my most preferred language :)

And if you want to know most hated language within the list, I'd vote for Java :p (Sorry, Java Lovers)
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Earlier I have learned Visual Basic and some amount of Visual Basic.NET, then I started with Python.
This language really beautiful, I liked it very much. Whenever, I want to develop any application for Linux I use Python and VB/VB.NET for Windows.
Now I am learning C#. This one I also found good and better than C and C++.
C++ and C# are the current langs i am working on.

java was the love of my life once... but it broke my heart.... (didnt get a job as java developer)


BIOS Terminator
C/C++ for now as i only know these(apart from javascript). will be learning python after a month or two...
^^ you sound a research guy. r u one ??

studied haskell and matlab for my image processing project. interesting languages but picked up C# instead.

haskell makes implementation of many algos very very easy
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