[Contest] Challenge #5 = Your all-time favourite games?


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Start scratching your head…

… and tell us about your all-time favourite games and what makes them so special.

Is it Mario? Snakes or Ladders? Tetris? Contra? Snake? Or something more contemporary like Call of Duty, Battlefield, GTA, CSGO, Dota 2?

Come on, don’t be shy! The best responses stand a chance to win gaming gear worth Rs 1 lakh!


Start responding below. Of course, don’t forget to mention your Gamer ID with each post (or your responses won’t be considered valid).

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Age of Mythology
My First rts-tried it-confused-left the game-tried it again after 2 days-fan of Arkantos and Chiron-..
and its my all time favourite game
i loved the Greek Mythology especially Stories and Cinematic


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Mass Effect 123
The Beauty and the storytelling have made me play this game over and over again
Also noteworthy is Skyrim
The hours of modding I've put into it.....Sigh.

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All-time Favourite game has to be, Recoil. Apart from being the first game that I had purchased, it was the game from where it all started.
It was like Quake but with tanks. No nonsense vehicular fps/tps, add to that cheats that give infinite ammo, all weapons and invulnerability and you've got maximum madness. Oh, and the tank was also equipped with nukes and guided nukes.
If you're having a bad day, shoot some tanks in Recoil. If you're having a good day, shoot some tanks in Recoil.
Oh, also it had a hidden nude beach in the first map :p
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The first four games from the Assassin's Creed franchise have been my absolute favourite.

And I guess we all know about Digit Team's favourite game. Hint: Rush B.


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the half-life series. if you are asking for just 1 then it's half life 2.

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And I guess we all know about Digit Team's favourite game. Hint: Rush B.

interesting. how to play a game against team digit on csgo? do you host matches?

my gamer id is 10436997. quite a few games are my all-time favorites. aoe in RTS, civilization in turn based strategy, openworld sandbox GTAV, FPS shooter is battlefield, horror game is amnesia dark descent, modern side-scroller is mark of the ninja, sports sim is fifa.

hope this answers the question


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Well i Started my gaming education with Dave, Roadrash,Prince of Persia, Wolf.
Went to Primary education with Age of Empires: Rise of Rome, Command and conquers and red alert RTS games.
Then secondary school at Counterstrike condition zero, warcraft.
Then came my higher Education with DotA.(1)
i graduated to Call of Duty,Farcry,battlefield,
But i love DotA 2 most. Its half my life. :)
Also team digit Stop Awping at mid (***dies****)


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I have played a lot of fifa 11 via gameranger struggling through frustrating network speeds, but those were fun times. I would like to keep fifa 11 on top of the list. Others to follow are - GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, Super Mario Bros., Prince of persia: sands of time, Hitman contracts and Fifa 16 is my current go to game.


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My all time Favourites would be :
1. Roadrash (I distinctively remember the first time I rode that digital bike, beat the opponent bike with a stick and crash into a car)
2. Road Fighter (Remember those 8bit consoles, It was the first game i've ever played and excelled at - had nistalgic memories as my family and I used to play it together turn by turn)

3. Midtown Madness (By Microsoft) - Man o Man what a game it was. That Car engine noise, those speed, those cops chase (yea it was buggy, I tried following traffic rules but cops dint soare me)
4. NFS Franchise - Rivals is the last I played and I enjoyed every moment of it.
5.CS GO - For friends and valuable drops (sometimes though)

So this is my all time favourite.

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Half-Life 2. No other game has ever beaten the quality of this game. Game is great in almost all aspects - gameplay, music, SFX, graphics tech & art, presentation, story & writing. The pacing is also consistently good. Also makes use of physics for actual gameplay. Most AAA games nowadays still use physics for visual stuff but not for gameplay. The game also never takes away control from the player. The player has full character control and camera control from start to end of game and still manages to tell a story which requires clever design. Other games just use cutscenes for storytelling which is actually an easy way. The design is also done from a psychological point of view(yes Valve hires psychologists). e.g. Early game there is an annoying chopper that keeps firing at the player and the player can't do anything but run. Later in the game his air-boat is upgraded with a gun and immediately you shoot down the chopper an encounter(with a music i might add) that feels very satisfying because of the lead up to it.


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  • Star Wars: Jedi Knight (The combat mechanics were amazing. This game is still largely relevant)
  • Max Payne 1 & 2 (I loooved the noir style storytelling of this game. I still play it every few years)
  • Hitman - Silent Assassin and Blood Money (One of the most re-playable games. I think I've played every level at least 5 times. It's up there in my list of top 3 games)
  • Half Life series (This one is a no brainer)
  • Portal 1 & 2 (Another memorable series by Valve. The voice acting was top notch. Cave Johnson moments and Wheatley were delightful)
  • Mirrors Edge (One of its kind and it was done right. Yet to play the 2nd installment)
  • And the recent Witcher 3 (People may call this overrated but this game deserves it. While the game mechanics were lacking in some areas, the game made up for it with an AMAZING story. The side quests are as well developed and fleshed out as the main quests. The quests aren't outright generic and cliched instead are relatable and shows both sides of the conflict and the captures the human aspect. Moreover you have 2 free expansion packs. Whats not to love.)


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Hitman, Max Payne, Serious Sam 2 - Second Encounter, Unreal Tournament and Witcher 3 for PC.
Streets of Rage, Revenge of Shinobi, Gunstar Heroes, Contra in consoles.

I have been a gamer for a long time. In my college days, a PC that could run Max Payne was a great feat. I still remember the scare in all the prologue missions of Max Payne 1. As much as I loved Max Payne 1, I hated Max Payne 3. Rockstar games spoiled it for me. Max Payne 2 remains one of the favourites.

Hitman Silent Assassin is by the most value for money game I have played. 20 extremely rich missions with huge re-playability. Especially if you are aiming to be Silent Assassin, there is nothing more rewarding than this game. I have loved every bit of it.

Another fantastic stress buster was Serious Sam 2 Second Encounter. There are very pleasures in this world which match the ability mow down hordes of Kamikaze headless soldiers with your shotgun. Just beautiful.

I have always loved Unreal Tournament more than Quake and the likes. Unreal Tournament had that finesse which every other game lacked. I still listen to the game soundtrack while I work.

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I consider a game with great story and genuine logics to be the best.

And it is definitely Bioshock: Infinite.Its story-narration was amazing! The game logic and the difficulty seemed to be real. I would recommend this game to anyone.

Then I have the Max Payne 3 which I was busy playing for a while just because of its story transitions.

Unpopular opinion: Witcher, Fallout, NMS suck.


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I love my Nintendo games new super Mario, Mario kart 8, super smash bros wii u on pc I love cs go and gta v.
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Yea would like to add :
1. Sims (whole series) - Enjoyed it ery much. Real life simulator. :D
2.. Max Payne 1 - Best time pass ever. Used to play with brother to sail through as it was difficult to know how to proceed.
3.Age of Empires : Everyone's and all time best simulator.
4. Runescape : Online roleplaying simulator. I played many months when I was young.

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We'll, there are a lot of games that I favorited over the years but let me try segregating a few of them by generation :

1. Super Mario Bros. (a game that introduced me to the world of video games, a must on the list)
2. Sonic the hedgehog (another one similar to Mario, exciting times growing up)
3. Megaman X7 (maveric hunter X and Zero, nuff said)
4. Brave Fencer Musashi (one of my all time favorite RPGs, very very underrated game)
5. Chrono Cross (Square at its best)
6. Age of empires Conquerors (so much time dedicated to this strategic marvel as a kid)
7. Dota (then and now, the best)
8. Crysis 2 (beat that bloody ceph!)
9. God of War 2 (Athena!!)
10. Uncharted 3 (move over Mr. Jones)
11. The last of us (disturbingly awesome)
12. GTA 5 (breaking more than bad)

There are so so many others but I'll just leave it at this for now with some special mentions like Final Fantasy 12, Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask, Gears of War, Far cry 1 just to name a few...
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