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Your favourite Symbian Apps of all time


Right off the assembly line
Symbian has been one of the most customizable and open operating systems, allowing file-system access since the now-ancient Nokia 6600.

Name three (or 'n') of your favourite Symbian apps, and tell us why you love them.

[Btw, I am Harman and this is for a feature in the next issue of Digit]


Grand Master
I have Nokia 5800 and my fav application is

4.Ion Batterytimer


Uhu, Not Gonna Happen!
I have many applications that I install/uninstall depending on usage. For example, to be able to remotely access your PC over internet is nice to do but is not required all the time. Then a game like Akinator which is good application to show to your friends (it guesses the name of the celebrity you are thinking based on a questionnaire). But apps which I cannot live without are:

1. NGPAY - Immense number of eShops (including IRCTC train booking option)
2. MobileRediff - Send any number of free sms through internet (but other person will see your number in "From:"
3. YourTube - Allows you to download any YouTube video on mobile for later
4. Opera Mobile - No explanation needed
5. Nimbuzz - Allows me to call my friends abroad at cheap rates (it doubles as messneger too)
6. UC Player - The VLC/Classic Media Player for Symbian S60


these are must have applications for my e63
1. Opera mini
2. Google maps
3. Nimbuzz
4. Ngpay
5. Skype


Bang! Bang!
long list ahead :p

image viewing: resco photo viewer (you can view photos in full screen. has a built in file manager to manage images like moving, copying, renaming and what not. view files by folder view or grid view. you can also see images in hidden folders. there is also an o option to set a default folder to open during program startup)

image editing: mobi vio solutions handy paint. (this is like the mobile version of ms paint)

video playback: july player and uc player (these two are all format video players. uc player is completely free of cost)

file management: lonely cat games xplore (a free software with handy features like creating and extracting zip and rar archives on the phone. it even sends protected files over bluetooth.)

internet: uc browser (lots of o options and very customizable. sure its not as good as android browser but works good enough.) default browser (good for websites having flash content)

internet chat: ebuddy (chat with your friends using one single program that integrates facebook, gmail, yahoo and many other chat options)

utility: swype (alternative keyboard for touch screen phones like 5800. incredibly accurate and fast. no need for tapping your fingers on the screen to enter text. just trace the words on the keyboard and see magic happen.)
battery extender (manages options like screen brightness according to phone battery status.)

audio playback: power mp3 (cool mp3 player with folder view options bass boost and enables the call receive button on the hands free as next track button so that you do not need to unlock the phone to skip to the next track. fully compatible with x6's hands free.)

ui: spb mobile shell (creates android like ui for your symbian phone)

pdf: alternate reader (free software for viewing pdf documents)

Cool G5

Conversation Architect
My favourites -

1) X-Plore - File Manager

2) Slick - IM Client

3)Mobbler - Last.fm Scrobbler for default media player

4) Core Player - Awesome video player(media player)

5) Opera Mobile - Web browser


I don't want IT
My favorite:

HACKED FIRMWARE!! - First and Foremost (Get rid of all nokia annoyances in one go!)

Ommitting the obvious ones like Opera, Swype & Xplore!!

Nokia Situations (Beta)
Nokia Photo Browser
Google Maps (Would be dead in Chennai, without this)


My favourites -

1) X-Plore - File Manager

2) Jbak TaskMan
This is powerfull task manager with many possibilities

3) DivX Mobile Player (freeware)

4) LightCtrl
free program Light Control keyboard and screen backlight control.It will enable your keyboard and screen backlight to turn on automatically during the night hours or to stay turned off during the daylight period when you don’t need the backlights.

5) PanoMan : Make and view panorama images with your phone!. :cool:

6) CenRep 3rd To disable camera sound N73

7) SmartMovie - Video player for mobile phone with subtitles and video converter for PC. Standard AVI format and also MP4V, FLV and 3GP file formats

8) Theme DIY - Create your own theme right on phone.

9) PhotoRite SP - Capture and enhance photos to have much better appearance! Add creative photo frames and funny magic mirror and much more amazing effects as you take photos or on saved photos!

10) Signsis v1.03 - SignSIS that allows you to directly sign symbian 3rd edition software, applications and games on your mobile device without transferring the files to your computer.

11) BlueShareware Bluetooth Remote Control - Turn your Bluetooth or WiFi enabled mobile phone
into a generic PC Remote Control!

- Control iTunes, PowerPoint, Mouse, WinAMP, Windows Media Player and much morews Media Player and much more
- See the actual desktop in your phone
- Create your own applications via Keymaps or VB and JScripts
- Connect over WiFi or Bluetooth
- No Bluetooth configuration needed
- Supports all PC Bluetooth solutions Toshiba, Windows, BlueSoleil and Widcomm/Brodacom
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Bang! Bang!
some of my fav symbian games.

micro pool (hd and looks very nice. physics is also great. its the best pool game for mobile.)

guns n glory (nice tower defence game)
mini carrom (well, carrom on your mobile)

bounce touch (nice 3d game but needs a faster cpu. although made for s60v5 5800 but runs slow.)
resco bubbles (accelerometer game like maze etc but better and loads of levels to play)
amazing tower defence (classic tourer defence game free of cost)


Still Shining!
1. X-Plore: Best file manager of all times.
2. CorePlayer: Plays almost anything.
3. MCleaner: Call/SMS filter
4. Jbak Taskman: a very useful task manager
4. Fring
5. UC Browser: for file downloads
6. SymSMB: Have said goodbye to my data cables after installing this. Been with me for a long time..


Broken In

google maps
msdict viewer
smart movies
quick office
pdf reader


sky force
sky force reloaded
7 days salvation
titanic hidden expedition
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