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  1. abhijit_reddevil

    Is 'Jai Ho' AR Rehman's best song?

    Just came across this article in Rediff. http://movies.rediff.com/report/2010/jun/15/is-jai-ho-a-r-rahmans-best-song.htm I personally do not think 'Jai Ho' is the best composed by him. My personal favourite is 'Dil hai chota sa' from 'Roja' with 'Yeh Haseen Vadiyan' from the same film a...
  2. L

    [DIGIT TEST CENTRE] Sneak Peek - Logitech G13 game board

    A nice new product from Logitech, and one we are quite interested in. Although the fewer keys take some getting used to, once you map your favourite games' controls to the proper keys, the action starts. Macro keys, backlighting, an LCD HUD and even a tracking device with mouse buttons for...
  3. jxcess3891

    Who is your favourite talk show host?

    Who is your favourite talk show host? My fav is David Letterman. Watch this hilarious vid where he pretends to be a mcdonalds employee at a drive thru: AtPGdOs7zOM
  4. Goku DBZ

    Post the pictures of your favourite cartoons.

    Cartoon Network/Hungama/Disney/Jetix/POGO/Animax/Boomerang
  5. jxcess3891

    Your favourite youtube videos

    Let's share our favourite youtube videos here. Just post the link and a little summary of the video. Here's mine. It's about a baby feeding a pup. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vDRDiqJ920&feature=related
  6. jxcess3891

    Favourite Alternate Entertainment Channel

    Which is your Favourite Alternate Entertainment Channel? ....Channels which are devoid of movies, soaps, sitcoms but are more inclined towards reality shows (not news or sports). I know, too many polls!
  7. V


    Hi guys second edition of INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE to be played in south africa from 18 april. If you have any favourite team you are invited to take part in poll (above) and if you like please also share reason of your choice. My team- DELHI DAREDEVILS reason- most balanced team and have some...
  8. Tech.Masti

    Your favourite bowlers in last 10 years ??

    tell here your favourite bowlers in last 10 years...... my favourites are Alan Donald Glenn Mcgraph Shane Warne Wasim Akram
  9. abhimanyu1401

    POLL : Who'll win Indian Idol 4??

    Cmon vote for your favourite contestant...
  10. S

    Which is your favourite genre ?

    The title says it all. Mine are FPS and RPG.
  11. S

    My favourite weapon is.. I hate...

    Let me start. My favourite weapons are gravity gun(Half Life), sniper rifle I hate steyn
  12. Nuxer

    Your favourite Audio player in linux

    Which is your favourite audio player in Linux? 1. Amarok 2. Banshee 3. VLC 4. Rhythmbox My vote goes for Banshee.
  13. N

    *Your favourite PC Game Character*

    Hi, Vote for your favourite Character :wink:
  14. krates

    Quote of the day

    We have to have one of those.. My favourite is.. Be positive I wonder did we already have a thread for quotes or not lol?
  15. naveen_reloaded

    ~~ Post Your favourite Picture Here !! ~~

    Post the ones which you came across while browsing here.... here is mine ... :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D <<< If needed post the source >>>>
  16. aditya1987

    Your Favourite James Bond Actor? And Why? And Fav James Bond Movie?

    Just Wanted to know, Who is Your Favourite James Bond Actor? And Why? And Fav James Bond Movie? My favourite is Daniel Craig, because of his rough-tough looks. And fav movie Casino Royle. EDIT:- Sorry for typo in 1st poll option it's *Sean Connery
  17. aditya1987

    Your Favourite Music Genre??? And few Questions!! ;-)

    I was curious to know what genre of music do you like? Also tell your favourite band/artist, favourite song, favourite music video And favourite Concert/Live Performance. I am also adding a poll for this. There can only be ten options in the poll. So sorry if you genre is not in it. By the...
  18. victor_rambo

    Who is your favourite tech writer/author?

    Guyz, a question for you all. There are so many tech mags, newspaper articles, tech websites and blogs about technology. Which is YOUR favourite one? Which tech writer you admire the most? Also, which tech author is your favourite in our Digit magazine?

    What's your favourite olympic event ?

    Mine swimming If ur sports is not present here so plz write here i want add more poll option but maximum poll option is only 10
  20. A

    What's the best distro?

    Here are the names of some major Linux distributions. Tell me which one is your favourite Linux. I have voted for Fedora. Which One you like.
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