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  1. estranged12


    I have a lot to download this month so i need my comp on overnight. Whats the best way to save power so that the files can keep downloading with least (or no) use of other resources? Thanks :D *Wishes that India wud get faster unlimited net soon*
  2. M

    How 2 Speed up Data transfer

    I recently bought a Ext HDD (Seagate) 80GB I want to transfer my music collection to this HDD from my desktop Its size is nearly 11 GB ... How do I make this process faster than usual Will compressing using Winzip or WinRAR Work? Plzzzzz. HELP
  3. G

    Search MegaUpload and RapidShare faster, easier and for free!

    From now on you can search MegaUpload and RapidShare servers and files faster, easier and for free! Visit Search MegaUpload at http://www.searchmegaupload.com/ Visit RapidShare File Search at http://www.rapidsharefilesearch.com/ We hope this will help you and save you lots of time and...
  4. Ricky

    Faster surfing over slow connection : A discussion

    So here goes this. In India, bandwidth is still something very precious hence costly. Thanks to BSNL Adsl we can now have 8 mbps speed (BOD) but again that unusable because of CAPs (data transfer limits). In most of the other countries, you can easily get uncapped 8mbps - 24 mbps lines for Rs...
  5. ax3

    Opera 9 help ! ! !

    whot r widgets ???Any good skins ??? can v shift tab bar below add bar ??? its definately faster than IE & FF ......... bt i still prefer FF .......
  6. A

    Avast slowing down

    Hey friends, m running Avast professional on my config mentioned in my signature. This is slowing down the boot up time of my lappy too much. It almost requires an extra minute to be ready to work. I also run Mcafee firewall which launches at startup. Anythng which is less taxing and...
  7. the deconstructionist

    Why does Opera load faster than other Browzers.?

    8) My question is ,Why does Opera load faster than other Browzers.like Firefox or IE?
  8. wizrulz

    Working In Burst

    I have recently formatted my pc..i was hopping that my pc willbe faster after doing this..but it has become slower... :( ..... Can anyone help me to regain the speed....application run ..but at a BURSTS....means if i open two application one after one..i have to wait say 15 to 20 sec and both...
  9. R

    high speed usb port

    Intel p4 3.00 ghz. 915 motherboard 512 mb ddr memor the above is the configuration. Recently I wanted to upgrade the firmware of my mp3 player. at that time, a message popped up saying that I am upgrading from a slow usb port and I should upgrade from a faster port and it even showed a...
  10. N

    Speed demons- hdd

    i would like to buy a new external harddisk .I want to know which would be faster a usb 2.0 based device or a firewire based device.
  11. P

    Getting Windows XP Faster by 60%

    Hey! folks do you want to make your Windows XP faster then this topic is for you. Tutorials Link - <snipped>
  12. I

    patching tcpip.sys for faster torrents

    hi they say patching ur tcpip.sys can result in a huge increase in torrent speeds..if u change the number of connections windows allows or something from 10 to anything upto 100...but more than 100 will be harmful thats what ppl r saying on other sites n all the tool for this patch is...
  13. A

    irda or bluetooth

    which one is faster and why i think ir is theoretically faster than bluetooth but practically its opposite
  14. L

    dvd writing speed problem

    hi, i hav sony DVD DRU810A and nero 6.6. it usually writes a 4.7 GB at 8x within 7 minutes. but today when i wrote, it takes me around 15 mintues which is twice the time taken!! y is this happening?? how do i get to finish faster. /legolas
  15. P

    How to make firefox more faster??

    How can i make firefox more faster. I have already tried firetweaker but i want to make it more quick, is there a way??
  16. M

    how come sata is faster.....

    hey all this crossed my mind several times before.... how come serial ATA hd is faster than parallel ATA hds...while it is a common fact that parallel data transfer is always faster than serial data transfer..? any answers... i tried the searching the forum but couldnt find a topic...
  17. ssk_the_gr8

    ntfs & fat 32

    my sata HD has 4 FAT 32 partations it takes 25 minutes to defrag i if i change it to ntfs will it be faster how long does it take to change the parttions from fat32 to ntfs
  18. S


  19. R

    top 20 tips to speed up your pc

    Follow these tips and you will definitely have a much faster and more reliable PC! The win98.jpg means that the tip will work best under Windows 98. 1. Wallpapers: They slow your whole system down, so if you're willing to compromise, have a basic plain one instead! 2. Drivers: Update...
  20. V

    AMD confusion help ....????

    hey i am trying to buy an AMD athlon64 and i am kinda confused between athlon64 3200 and athlon64 fx52 what do these imply .... which one is faster ...... which is costlier .... and of course which is better in terms of price to performance ratio .... please help fast ??????
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