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ntfs & fat 32

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Make Way the LORD is Here
my sata HD has 4 FAT 32 partations
it takes 25 minutes to defrag i
if i change it to ntfs will it be faster
how long does it take to change the parttions from fat32 to ntfs


Broken In
ntfs is basically for security it makes ur hard disk run more securely...n to ur question im not too sure if it makes de comp fast or not but it helps the files n the folders to be more secure n disk errors reduce..u cant directly boot to dos that feature is disabled when u use ntfs u can only see the partion from windows 2000 until the operating systems released now..


NTFS has much better performance than FAT32, so defragging will be faster... The reason is that NTFS manages the files better so they are less fragmented to begin with...

Assuming that you use Partition Magic, I dont think it is a long process... But I advise you to backup all data before changing the format in case anything goes wrong and the data gets lost...

@player2k5: By using the free software NTFS Reader for DOS, you can boot from floppy/cd/fat32 partition in dos and read ntfs partition... However, you will need a paid software to be able to write to it...



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use this command and DONT FORMAT
convert X: /fs:ntfs
Replace X with the drive letter obviously :p

If windows say it cant do convert now and requires a reboot time process for that, accept it by a 'y' and the conversion will happen on ur next reboot ;)

U wont lose ur data this way !


Make Way the LORD is Here
QWERTY could u plz tell the approx time itll to con vert all 4 partations to ntfs(if u can)
2ndly if a problem such as power cut or voltage fluctuation takes place and have to stop in the middle of the conversion will i need to format my HD then
could u plz tell me about this
thanx in advance for the info


Commander in Chief
It takes around 5 mins for each 20GB full part here for my comp.

Try avoiding any kinda interference while doing this conversion coz it will result in immediate file-sys damage and also
Backup ur docs and stuff before converting is applicable :)

Yes if the power goes off then ur drive is blammed ! U need to format and re-install with NTFS again :(
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