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which one is faster and why
i think ir is theoretically faster than bluetooth
but practically its opposite


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Yes even I read that yesterday and got a bit confused.
I read that therotical speeds of bluetooth is 1mbps compared to 4 mbps of infrared. But, while using them to connect my PC to phone I've seen that bluetooth is much faster than Infrared and also a lot more stable.


I think it would have to do with the infrared vbeing used in mobiles being of a lower standard then those which had been discussed theoretically. Still searching on the internet..cant find any site which tells me that IR is faster.
Even if it is faster, there is the restriction on the line of sight, hence i would still prefer bluetooth.


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i think it is because lot of bandwidth in irda is wasted for error correction and assuring the line of sight is maintained


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yah, both of them sucks rapidly with distance. Also bluetooth is a technology yet to be developed to it's full potential. IrDA has the disadvantage of line of sight and none of them can beat the connection through data cables.
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