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AMD confusion help ....????

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Cyborg Agent
hey i am trying to buy an AMD athlon64
and i am kinda confused between athlon64 3200 and athlon64 fx52

what do these imply ....
which one is faster ......
which is costlier ....

and of course which is better in terms of price to performance ratio ....

please help fast ??????


Commander in Chief
Is there a Fx-52 ?
i think it starts from 53, not sure coz its not present on the official site...

ny ways for 3200+
90nm, Venice core
AMD Athlon 64 - 64-bit
Socket 939
Performance Index 3200+
Clock Speed 2 GHz
Cache Memory L2 512 KB
Compatible Slots 1 x processor - Socket 939

source : Google

for more info , plz visit AMD's Site


Cyborg Agent
after a bit search all i could find out is that the fx range is designed to work faster than the athlon64

can anyone tell me the prices in Hyderabad of
the FX-53 and the athlon64-3200 (939 &754 pin)
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