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  1. kool

    how can winXP load faster???????????????????????????????????

    DEAR FRIENDS, recently i re-installed my pc by winXP PRO. my problem is that it is taking too much time to starting window, i think it takes 50-60seconds. b4 this it was using only 30-35seconds. plzzzz tell me any trick by which my window load faster.
  2. J

    any pci express converters!!!!!!

    welll, its hardly a month i bought a new pc ......... it has 865g motherboard ......... with agp 8x ........... now the agp has become an outdated stuff ................ the pci express has come in ........ which is more than 4 times faster than an agp 8x ....... the thing is that...
  3. G

    ACDSee 7 is out

    One of the best Image management softwares new version is out, ACDSee 7 is out, it is said to be about 70% faster then ACDSee 6, which was really slow & 40% faster then ACDSee 5.1 Go to acdsee.com to get the trial, a must in the november CD or DVD, the trial is 14.76 MB
  4. D

    two cpu or one???

    do i buy one latest cpu + gpu(grafic card) for my next desktop or a twin cpu mother board and two cpu of intel p IV 2.0ghz.. which is faster and cheaper and better...
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