1. rakesh_sharma23

    [56k Warning]ASUS Maximus VIII RANGER Motherboard Review - PART I

    ASUS Maximus VIII RANGER Motherboard Review Intel’s new Skylake feature packed platform is here and all motherboard manufacturers are introducing new products featuring Z170 chipset and new LGA 1151 Socket. With this new platform ASUS decided to re-design the Republic of Gamers (ROG)...
  2. RageshAntony

    Do the Gigabyte GA-H81M-S1 able to support the 2 fans (front and rear fans) on Antec X1-T cabinet ?

    I am building a PC. I selected Antec X1-T cabinet . I have 1 front fan and 1 rear fan. I selected Gigabyte GA-H81M-S1 Motherboard. But this MB have one 1 system fan header. What does it means. ? Can if connect that 2 fans on the cabinet on the motherboard. ? If not , what can i do ? Can I...
  3. strider21

    Help: any PSU connected to mobo runs at 100% fan speed

    Hello, The system: Intel C2Q 8400; ASUS P5Q PRO; 8GB OCZ 800Mhz In use from 2010 without any issue Cleaned the system last week; Now a weird problem: Regardless of which PSU i connect (Corsair CX550/ VS450) 10 minutes after bootup, the psu fans reach 100% speed with full noise. All case fans/...
  4. rakesh_sharma23

    ANTEC GX900 Case Review

    ANTEC GX900 Case Review Today we are going to take a close look at the ANTEC latest addition to its range of PC gaming case the Antec GX900. Following the Antec’s most successfully case GX700, the new GX900 is also a mid-tower Military-style chassis supporting ATX and m-ATX form factor...
  5. B

    [Honest Review] Laptop Cooling Fan pad- Xpro Xp-277

    Hello There! I Brought 2 of These products and got delivered in a week on COD From Amazon 1 Superb Packaging with by Amazon with Bubble pillows and overall cartoon Box, Delivery time was about a week. 2. The product received as advertised. here is my Review- My poor HDDs were touching 48.C...
  6. Z

    Processor Fan header seems to be dead, change motherboard ?

    When I was working on my PC it suddenly turned off, I tried switching it ON, after POST beep, it turned off again. When I checked inside the cabinet, the Processor fan was not spinning.. so the BIOS setting automatically shuts down, because processor is overheating. I tried connecting the fan...
  7. a_k_s_h_a_y

    need new cpu fan

    I have this sgv tech aoc 120 st cooler. SVG Tech AOC 120ST CPU cooler review - Reviews and Guides - Tech Forum India The fan that I have is now making a lot of noise, coz its dirty, can't clean, tried to open it up. doesn't open. So can I buy any 120mm fan and replace it ? All these 120mm...
  8. rakesh_sharma23

    Corsair Carbide Series 100R Case Review

    Corsair Carbide Series 100R Case Review The Carbide series for which Corsair pursues the entry-level and mainstream market, and as we all know that means a low cost product often resulting in stripped away features, style and functionality, but the Carbide Series 100R Mid Tower case has the...
  9. Cool Buddy

    Macbook pro keyboard not working

    My friend has a macbook pro A1278. A few days ago, his keyboard started to malfunction. Most keys are not working at all and "H" is working as delete key. He has set a login password and since the keyboard is not working properly, he is unable to login. Today he brought the macbook to my place...
  10. Abhishekrocked

    Gaming laptop around 50-60k

    1) What is your budget? INR 50k (min) - 60k (max) 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? 15" - 16" screen I would play games at 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Gaming mostly ...... it shouldn't lag ( that i hate the...
  11. rakesh_sharma23

    AIO Cooler Review Cooler Master Nepton 240M VS Corsair H100i

    AIO Cooler Review Cooler Master Nepton 240M VS Corsair H100i There was time when water cooling a PC was considered as extreme and expensive specially in India, where availability of custom water cooling parts were very rear and importing them to India was a great pain. But now there are...
  12. TechPrince

    CM Hyper TX3 EVO Fan rattling at high RPM

    Hello, I purchased this cooler 21 months ago. Now it has started making rattling at high RPM. Whenever the fan reaches 2400+ rpm, rattling starts. Now if i touch the fans side, rattling goes away for a while then comes back. After this point, fan rattles at >= 2000 rpm OR when fans RPM falls...
  13. scavanger007

    GPU clock drops to 40Mhz

    Hello guys, Recently, my pc lags graphically (I think so) when I run games, the same games which ran smoothly at the settings it can run on. Also when I watch youtube videos, the audio goes slightly out of sync with video (also started recently). I dunno if youtube uses graphics card for video...
  14. T

    Laptop turning off by self

    Lamy dell inspiron n5010 is turning on for a few mins and then suddenly it turns off. Fan makes noise like it seems its rotating fast.
  15. J

    Fan filter? Homemade?

    Pretty self explanatory. I have a 120mm fan mount which does not have a fan filter. I need a fan filter for it. So is there a link or shop to buy fan filters? I am located at kolkata. If not then how to make a homemade one?
  16. P

    Split AC fan not blowing strong enough

    So I have a Samsung Split 1.5 Ton AC. Of late I have noticed that the fan in high speed mode doesn't blow strong enough and emits intermittent hissing/ blowing noise. It appears as if the air is being obstructed somewhere Also please note that this happens even when I am running the AC in fan...
  17. J

    GPU fan controls.

    Okay so I recently got an HD 7850 and it idles at 39-40. And with playing watchdogs/crysis 3 for 3 hours+ it reaches a max temperature of 74, but it mostly stays around 68-71 according to GPU-Z log. Now I tweaked the fan settings using MSI afterburner to this. And now temperature does...
  18. R

    Ubuntu 13.10 causing fan problems

    hllo guys, im new to ubuntu. ive never used any operating system (for computers) besides windows. now i recently installed ubuntu 13.10 on my dell inspiron 15r 5520. i initially had problems with repositories and certain drivers. the only drivers i could install were video and wifi. now i dont...
  19. .jRay.

    Lenovo Service Issue

    I had given my Z580 to the service center for repairing the fan that wasn't working. I received it back after a few days and the issue was solved. After 15-20 days the fan stopped again. I went to the service center again and they repaired it and it was working again. I got it back on 4th may...
  20. avichandana20000

    External hard disk cooler diy version 1

    My "My passport" is getting hot in this rainless season of 42 degrees. So thought of buying a cooler for it. Accordingly searched in Google but the result cannot satisfy me. So ,finally made cooler all by myself. Requirements: THE BOX ANY 120MM FAN WITH GOOD CFM. I...
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