1. B

    Cooler or Fan for Msi N580 TF2

    Plz Help me. I have a Graphic Card (Msi N580 Twin Frozer II) and now the one fan was not working and other one has half broken fan and my card is crashing whenever the fan speed increase (because of vibration) So, please suggest me some Good GPU Fan or Cooler for my GPU (Better then stock...
  2. small_yet_big

    How to connect NZXT FAN HUB GRID

    Hello, I have a CM Elite 311 and want to install NZXT FAN HUB GRID WITH 10 PORTS. But i am confused where to fix it actually. Could anybody there help me out with some videos or pictures so that i can install it. Thanks in advance.
  3. H

    Need a specific cooling solution for graphics card

    My friend is trying to do crossfire with 2powercolor graphics card. He need a cooling solution particularly for his graphics cards. Does somebody help with such a fan or cooler which cools the grphis card.
  4. R

    New Android Phone 5' [29k][4.4]

    1. Budget -: - Around Rs. 28k -29k 2. Display type and size-: -Min 5' or more 3. Preferred choice of brand-: -Non Indian Brands [i am not a samsung fan due to their UI ] 4. What camera option you want-: - All Feature which can b included...
  5. S

    How to keep my graphics card cool without a fan ?

    I have a ATI Radeon HD 4350 card.It does not have a heat sink but han a fan on it.Yesterday accidently the 2 wires connecting the card to its fan got severred :( I tried to find a replacement fan at the computer stores but they couldn't provide one.So I think I will have to run my card without...
  6. R

    PSU fan not moving

    Got a NEW PSU Corsair VS550. I noticed that the fan is not moving. What could be the problem!!!
  7. G

    Need a heatsink and colle fan

    Which heatsink cooler fan to choose that supports my i5 2400 processor and gigabyte h61m-ds2 motherboard? I have i5 2400 processor and h61mds2 motherboard.The stock cooler which came with processor is not efficient when playing latest games(i have gt630 gc) as temperature rises upto 70 C(...
  8. M

    High CPU tempreture

    I've recently together a new system. Following are the specs I5 4570 stock cooler Gigabyte B85 Kigston hyperx 4 GB MSI twin Frozer 4 760 T tb HDD & 120 GB SDD antec VP550P Cooler Master K390 2 Cabinet fans (120 MM Rear & 90 MM top) both exhaust 1 Intake front(Default cabinet fan)...
  9. RCuber

    Need 120mm fans

    I am looking for few 120mm fans as replacements for my existing fans. These are the ones I had bought about two years ago. can get these again, but I need to know about alternatives Cooler Master 120mm Silent 1200 RPM PC Cooling FAN Value Pack OF 4 FAN | eBay
  10. rijinpk1

    Antec A40 CPU Cooler Review

    Have a pleasant day guys :D. Here I am posting a review of Antec A40 CPU cooler recently bought from Snapdeal for Rs. 1583 :). It is released for Asian market and that is why I could not find any reviews of it on internet. Not a single video on Youtube either :(. A close competitor to Antec A40...
  11. S

    [Want to Buy] Noctua NF-R8

    hi folks, as the title suggest I'm looking 80mm fan especially the noctua NF-R8. If you have any similar performing fan also can PM me. TIA
  12. Ray

    Pedestal/stand fan advice

    I want to buy a pedestal/stand fan for summer to cut down AC usage.My room is 13'x10'. Should I buy 16'' or 18'' fans??Please give advice on what brand to buy.Are the fans with remote worth the extra money??I live in kolkata so max temperature around 37 with extremely high humidity
  13. suarezian

    Need a 120mm fan for Dell Dimension E520

    Hi, I'm looking for a cpu fan for my Dell Dimension E520. I really like this one Cooler Master 90 CFM Blue LED Cooler - Cooler Master: . But I'm not sure if the pin will fit my mb or not. Here are some pics of my fan slot in the mb and the connector of my current fan.
  14. evil_maverick

    GPU Temp ...

    My config: CPU : AMD 8320 MOBO : ASUS M5A97 LE R 2.0 GPU : XFX R9 280X RAM : 8GB KINGSTON HYPERX BLU 1600 PSU : SEASONIC ECO 600W CABINET : LANKOOL PC K 57 The cabinet has one intake fan upfront (140mm) and one exhaust fan(120mm) at the back. I have put one additional fan on the side panel, a...
  15. R

    Magnetic Fan Filters

    Im looking for a Magnetic 120mm Fan Filter, i stay in bangalore.
  16. .jRay.

    (Urgent) Fan not working.

    I have a Z580 laptop running Windows 8, since the last 3 or 4 days , the fan does not work, i cant hear any noise nor i can feel any air coming out of the vent. the laptop heats way too much because of this. please provide a solution.
  17. rockfella

    PSU fan dead, replacement?

    My Corsair VX450 PSU died after 5/6 years. WD40 and machine oil didnot help. Need a replacement. This is the default fan model : ADDA cooling fan AD1212MB-A71GL. Where can I source it in India? Any alternatives/suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  18. jaimin100

    graphic card fan body heat

    hello mates, i have compaq presario series desktop wirh geforce8400 512mb cardworking fine. but after amc today when i open and touch the side fan body of graphic card ,its so hot!!! my question is that normal or do something?
  19. sling-shot

    AM2 CPU fan replacement

    The CPU fan of my ageing AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ processor was grinding and was replaced around 4 months back. But the replacement was not OEM and it is on its last legs. Is it possible to just buy a fan without heatsink for this? Or is there a good fan / heatsink combo compatible with this...
  20. bssunilreddy

    Coolermaster Hyper 103 (CPU Cooler)

    Hai, Coolermaster Released their new cooler from "Hyper" stables called Coolermaster Hyper 103. Code: RR-H103-22PB-R1 The Cooler Master Hyper 103 is an affordable mainstream Heatsink delivering great cooling performance on all modern platforms thanks to the special fin design with Cooler...
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