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Hello guys,

Recently, my pc lags graphically (I think so) when I run games, the same games which ran smoothly at the settings it can run on. Also when I watch youtube videos, the audio goes slightly out of sync with video (also started recently). I dunno if youtube uses graphics card for video purposes, but just stating in case you may think this is not a graphics card problem.

So, I downloaded HWINFO software, which helped me see the temperature of my GPU. So I ran dota 2 on background to see whether there is corelation between lag and temperature. What I observed is that my GPU temp steadily increased by 1*C and reach about 110*C, in this duration I saw my GPU and shader clock drop to half, 550 to 275 at about 90*C and then to about 40Mhz at 110*C. As I m typing this , the temp and the Clock Speed are same, ie. 110 and 40, respectively. I dont feel lag while browsing or doing general pc stuff.

What I believe is my GPU fan must have stopped working, because I hear a sudden whirring sound of fan spinning for about 1 second and then no sound for about 3-4 min. Since my CPU is running at steady temp, I believe that the sudden sound is from my GPU fan.

My question is whether my analysis is correct and if yes, can I make the fan run, or is it possible to replace fan. (GPU:9500GT). If no, then guide me please.

Just to be on safe side also suggest me some good GPU which can run on par or better games at budget of 5-6k. I m satisfied with the games I get to play with my current 9500GT, so incase a time comes for me to replace it , I dont mind if the budget of 5-6k doesnt give me better card than 9500GT , but it should be atleast on the same level.

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You may replace the gpu fan. Also apply Tim before installing the fan. You may get the fan from local pc shops.


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Buy R7 250. It will be a massive upgrade over 9500 GT.

Sapphire AMD Radeon R7 250 with Boost
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