1. Mr.Kickass

    [Buying Advice] Need an IEM under 1.5k

    I cannot believe I'm asking this but unfortunately I lost my trusty pair of phones which costed 1.5k. I couldn't find the box but a quick search leads me to this. I think this was exactly the pair that I had bought sometime ago. Philips SHE9700 Headphone Now that you know where I'm coming...
  2. Nipun

    [Views] Epson Dealer: Intech Systems Pvt Ltd

    This is posted as "views" not "complaint" as I've not actually purchased the product yet. However, Mods, if you feel this prefix is wrong, change it. Hello everyone. I was looking forward to buying an Epson L210 multifunction printer. As the inks were not available on flipkart and the...
  3. srkmish

    Planning to buy HP Pavilion G6-2301AX

    Hi Friends, I was looking for a budget gaming laptop and this one seems to fit the bill. Also ,user reviews are very positive on FK with respect to gaming. I don't need any future proof games. I just need to play Farcry 3, Just cause 2, NFS MW etc. Anyone has any experience with this laptop ...
  4. I

    Negative Experience Shopclues.com

    Negative Experience DOes anyone else use this site? if yes then tell me your views on it.. For me its just ok site, because it has nice deals espcially Sunday Flea Market but some products are genuine and are worth their money others are either bad or just ok conditions. Plus the shipping...
  5. Skyh3ck

    Positive Experience Starcj.com - Belmonte Mens combo pack great experience

    hello i am posting my experience with starcj.com they have a dedicated shopping channel, many times i used to watch this, and they showed many cloths for men.. i was curious how it will end up. so i took a risk and order a Belmonte Combo pack of 7 shirt and 2 pant fabric for 1999/- i received...
  6. A

    22" LED Monitor for 9k

    I am looking to buy a new LED monitor, size 21-22". My budget is around 9k. Primary usage is casual gaming. Lighting in my room is bad, so no glossy screens :( I found this : ExtremeMachine.in | AOC i2251Fwe 21.5'' LED Monitor Price in India Note that the website is extrememachines.in. Does...
  7. A

    Positive Experience Vaishali- Multiple Products

    I havr ordered multiple products from ebay(unfortunately I dont have the link for any) and have always had a good experience till now. The Products I have Purchased till now from them are: 1.) Logitech Ultimate Ears ue 350 vi for only Rs.1990(in March'12) 2.) USB Cable for Iphone for Rs.100 (...
  8. ratul

    Positive Experience Saholic.com - Delhi - HTC Wildfire S

    URL: HTC Wildfire S Price in India | A510e Specifications, Features and Reviews Date of Purchase: Last year. Pin Code: 110092 Courier: Can't Remember. :( The experience was good, was shopping with them for the first time, so was a bit hesitant in ordering the phone, site showed under 48hrs...
  9. shreymittal

    Tata Docomo [BB]

    Hey Guys, anybody using Tata Docomo BB here. If using please tell me about the service. How is your experience and all. I.m thinking to get 2Mbps UL plan @1999/-
  10. 24online

    Any review on Bitmit.net

    Hey, I would like to know if anyone has experience on bitmit. I tried to search on net and found that its trusted site and uses escrow service and no scams. However, if you have experience, pls share. It has very good deals so I like to use and spend some bitcoins...thanks.
  11. R

    Gadgets, In the age of Simplicity

    When historians in the future will look at the Technological advances of this generation they won't think twice before labelling it "The Age of Simplicity" Just look at the apps You have Word processors like Writer which use only one font. There are plenty of other apps that do only one thing...
  12. r4gs

    Calling all devs..... Digit needs you!

    Hi, Anyone here with experience in web development and PHP, etc. who has some time and wants to help us out with a "secret" project? If you're interested, please PM me or Raaabo with details regarding your experience.
  13. 6Diablo9

    [Query] How do I go about RMAing a Intel Motherboard

    My uncles Intel motherboard stopped working 2 days ago. How do I get it RMA? I live in Pune and have experience of RMA with Rashi, but I don't know how it goes with Intel. Any help will be appreciated.
  14. D

    Hp laptop under 60K inr

    can u please suggest me any hp laptop under 60 K great display quality and multimedia experience as well as powerful machine
  15. H

    Digital Foundry vs. the ultimate gaming PC (Three Titans. Six CPU cores)

    Digital Foundry vs. the ultimate gaming PC • Articles • Eurogamer.net The main body of the article is detailed and worth reading in itself, with it being difficult to quote information in context so I'll just quote the conclusion:
  16. D

    Onda V972 tab

    It's quad core, with retina display 9.7 screen. The price looks quite reasonable too. Has anybody tried it? What's the experience like?
  17. M

    Tablet under 10k

    I want to buy a tablet .my budget is under 10k.usage is only browsing.so it should support Internet connection either 3g sim or dongle. Please suggest best option under This budget. Browsing surfing Experience should be smooth. Only those tablet which have at least some service centre in UP...
  18. RiGOD

    3.5" SATA HDD enclosure, anyone using it?

    Recently came across a TECH-COM 3.5" SATA enclosure for Rs.590. So I'm seriously considering using my current 1TB internal as external using the same. Anybody having experience with the matter kindly suggest if its a good move or not.
  19. JojoTheDragon

    How/What to cook with Olive Oil ?

    Well, I bought a can of "Extra Virgin Olive Oil". Sadly I don't have much knowledge about how to use it. Please share your experience with it. :)
  20. K

    Defragment software

    Hi Guys, I have got windows xp professional. I want to install a BEST AND COMPLETLY FREE DEFRAGMENT SOFTWARE. Which one is best out of your experience?
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