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This is posted as "views" not "complaint" as I've not actually purchased the product yet. However, Mods, if you feel this prefix is wrong, change it.

Hello everyone.

I was looking forward to buying an Epson L210 multifunction printer. As the inks were not available on flipkart and the printer is comparatively priced higher, I looked for "authorized dealers" on Epson India's website. I found contact details of Intech Systems Pvt Ltd. I called them up to inquire the availability and price of the product and ink bottles. On the first call:
I: Infotech Systems?
He: Yes?
I: You have Epson L210 in stock?
He: Yes. Where are you calling from?
I: Rohini *hangs up*

Thinking this might be some error in network, I call him again. He picks up the phone, and before I could say anything I was hung up again. I wondered what idiotic behavior this was, but continued to send him an email with my queries. I asked him about the availability of printer & ink, and mentioned about the bad experience I had. Further, I mentioned that if I continue having such experience with him, I would not be interested in buying from him but would also contact Epson India regarding he being the "authorized dealer".

All this had happened yesterday. Today I got this email from him:
First of all like to update about ur query about the pricing n availability as under

1. Epson L210. 9700/Tax paid

The printer comes with complete set of cartridges for about 8K to 10K pages print outs... additional cartridge bottles can be purchased for 375/ each

The printer is available in stock and u can pick it up from our office either from Nehru place or at Wazirpur which I hope is more convenient with u

Secondly, I am sad that u had a bad experience when u called up as u told and like to extend a word of apology for that which was not intentionally.

Would like to advise you to don't act like my Employer and not to behave like a kid of threating me of bad consequences..

The price is good and I'm glad my queries were answered, but:
If "ur", "n" and "u" the kind of words one uses in such emails? I would call this unprofessional. Completely bugs me.
Being apologetic is good on part of the dealer. But the line which follows clearly shows "bhad me jae apology"-attitude.
"...don't act like my Employer..." Wait, what? Is a customer not the one who is paying him?

This has left me wondering. If this is the kind of replies I'm getting before I even get the product, what would happen once I get it? Being in the queue forever for getting the products serviced? Getting more frustrating replies?

No thanks Epson. Maybe I'm habitual of FlipKart's customer-first service. But one thing for sure, I'm not interested in getting an Epson from this dealer anymore.

If anyone else also has experiences with this dealer(good, bad, neutral - doesn't matter), please share. Would be good to know if this is a one-time error or is this another Rashi Peripherals/Navnit Motors in making.
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