1. quan chi

    hows the game bioshock??

    hi friends. i was wondering how is bioshock.i have heard a lot about it. well generally i like games which holds a good storyline and is interesting to play.like maxpayne,hitman, mafia,tombraider etc etc... so does this game holds a good storyline? well it will be nice of you if you...
  2. J

    Nvidia Purevideo how to use it??

    I have a compaq 6608au laptop with 7150m onboard graphics which supports purevideo. I want to know what softwares are required to experience or use the purevideo technology while playing videos?? Is any special codec or player required??
  3. Sridhar_Rao

    software to convert swf to mpg/avi

    Hi, If anyone has idea on converting flash files (macromedia, adobe) to other video formats such as avi or mpg, please let me know them. Please suggest either an online facility for such conversion or a freeware to download. I strongly emphasise that suggestion be made purely on personal...
  4. yogeshm.007

    32-bit vs 64-bit

    Hi, i'm thinking of upgrading my 4-yr old system and was just wondering if 64-bit software is common or not and wanted to know your experience with 64-bit software...
  5. P

    gothic III

    Can anyone tell me how to increase the STRENGTH of hero in Gothic III game.Cause though the EXPERIENCE is gaining( lebel increasing), the strength remains at 101
  6. satyamy

    Your Opinion for MS Silverlight ?

    As the title suggest What is Your Opinion for Microsoft Silverlight Is it worth to use it ? any experience ? :rolleyes:
  7. dhan_shh

    Experience this SE'X1' !!!!!

    SE'X1' - Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 This will be a Gr8 hit in 2008 ! Jus look at this amazing specs ! A Windows Mobile v6.1 with 128MB RAM,256MB ROM,528MHz processor,microSD slot,3.2MP cam,FM+,Music Player,WiFi+,3"touch screen,TrackID,Motion sensor,3G support,dual cam,Full QWERTY...
  8. alsiladka

    Help me improve my Ubuntu experience

    Hello Guys, I am new to the Ubuntu world. I do have time, but not enough to go through all the different guides and Wikis to get the best experience out of my Ubuntu experience. I would like to take your help in getting the best out of it. I will ask whatever problems i have ask, but also...
  9. M

    Any Transitions Lenses User Here?

    Hey ppl i m oing to buy this photochromatic lenses very soon.Does anybody here used them before?Plz tell me ur experience ,its pros n cons,thanks. :)
  10. rahul964

    Designing the Mobile User Experience

    Screen of Book: http://www.linkbucks.com/link/fc53886b/8827 Barbara Ballard,«Designing the Mobile User Experience» John Wiley | ISBN: 0470033614 | PDF | 1,39 Mb | 260 Pages | 2007 Year Designing the Mobile User Experience provides the experienced product development professional with an...
  11. Ecko

    Which One Is Better MoneyBookers Or AlertPay

    Just wanted to shift from Paypal due to their gr8 service to either MoneyBookers or AlertPay ;) Please if someone has some prior experience which one is better :confused:
  12. R

    php encoder

    i am trying to find a good preferably free encoder for php script. Have anyone here use any and whats your experience of it
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