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The rules of the Internet are as follows: the girl you think you're talking to is actually a dude, if someone says they know kung-fu they probably don't, and most funny stories are made up. If you keep these three things in mind, you'll do fine on-line. I'm skeptical that this particular chat actually took place, but the spelling errors and pacing are a masterwork if they are made up. The following has the feel of two average netizens chatting it up. The story? A kid tries to steal someone's account, and the tables get turned pretty quickly.


Absolutely pwned lmao :D


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what the . . that thread ran for a year :-o from 10 - 25- 06 to 07 . . a year :-o . . 699 posts for a silly thing . . :-o , besides you giving a year old thread here :p . . ;-)
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