Is my external HDD dead?


Wise Old Owl
HDD: WD My Passport Essential SE 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Disk - WD :

Bought in July,2012

Disk Management:
Choosing ok results in "I/O error"


WD Diagnostics:
Write Zeros fails with "delete partitions error"



Did you try with a different USB cable?

By the way, from the screenshot above, it looks like WD Diagnostics tool failed to retrieve hard disk model number as well.


WD Official
Hi chimera201,
I'm sorry you are facing such issues with the WD drive. This error means that a device I/O control command during the test has failed. It may be due to a media or write/read error or defective connection.
If the error persists after re-seating the cable connections, I'd suggest trying the drive in another USB port or another computer altogether. If that doesn't help, I strongly recommend contacting our tech support on the following link:
Support Answer
I hope it helps. Keep me posted.
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