1. S

    YouTube network's plan to trademark 'react' sparks backlash

    YouTubers hit back at Fine Bros’ attempt to trademark word over fears that the pair are trying to seize entire concept of the reaction video format YouTube network's 'react' trademark attempt sparks backlash | Technology | The Guardia
  2. T

    Card readers have eased up the camera backup.

    Today's technology has evolved to a length that things are getting smaller and faster. Earlier, a cameraman or videographer had to face a big deal of laborious process before finally getting the end product out, and if a copy was needed, the entire process was repeated. Thankfully came digital...
  3. U

    $1000 STEAM CREDIT + FREE Y500 i7 3630QM GT750M FHD+ 1YR WARRANTY

    EPIC GAMING BUNDLE $1000 STEAM CREDIT 1x Y500 - i7 3630QM GT750M FHD - 59371965 All original documents and charger along with charging cable. Warranty type: Manufacturer Warranty Warranty till date: 2015-06-15 Purchase date: 2013/06/19 Purchased with 2yr warranty. US import (no accidental...
  4. K

    Windows on Mac

    I need help installing Windows on my Mac. I have a Macbook Air running Mac OS ver 10.9.2. I want to install Windows 7/8 on my Mac using Boot Camp Assistant. Can someone help me by running through the entire procedure and requirements? All help is appreciated. Thanking you in advance.
  5. Desmond

    Verizon employee outsources his entire job to China

    Not sure if this is the right section. I came across this article on Verizon's Security blog about an employee who outsourced his entire job to China while spending his days websurfing. According to the blog, an investigation into an unauthorized VPN access from China had lead to a...
  6. A

    Should i buy 2 TB Internal HDD or Two 1 TB HDDs?

    WD Caviar 2 TB Internal HDD is going for 6.1K at flip kart. I was thinking about reliability of 2 TB HDD. What if it fails? the entire 2 TB just gone. The Plan i had in my mind is to buy 1 TB right now and then later purchase another 1 TB when prices fall further. I dont store really important...
  7. MegaMind

    Software to rotate videos.

    Guys, as the topic states is there any software to rotate a entire video by 90 degree ?
  8. R

    Graphic Cards Quality checker?

    Hey.. So i just got this Dell Inspiron 15R 2nd Gen Ci5/ 4GB/ 500GB/1GB Graphics/ DOS Laptop: Flipkart.com: Compare, Review Dell Notebook not too long ago and been playing around it lately.. And now - some observation I can't seem to understand how good is the GPU. There are videos...
  9. M

    How to migrate entire contents of "C" Drive to another drive..

    I Have Intel Atom CPU 230@1.66 GHZ, Intel 82945 motherboard, 1GB RAM. desktop. I have 2 Hard Disks: 1 )Seagate 80 GB (20/20/20/20GB partitions ) 2) WD 500 GB.(100/100/100/100/100 GB partitions) On my first Disk's "C" drive I have stored only my operating system ( XP SP2 2002) and...
  10. ratzee199

    5.1 speaker within Rs 4500

    Hi all, I want to buy a new 5.1 channel speaker system within Rs 4500. Currently I am having the Creative Inspiration M5300 and used it for last 4 years. I am using the speakers mainly for gaming and listening to music so I want good quality sound as well. I have searched through different...
  11. K

    how change language crysis2?

    hi guys! how to change entire language of crysis2 to English....... (for video,menu and entire game) thank u
  12. G

    Nokia E6

    I've finally picked up my very own Nokia E6 ! After much asking around on forums i decided that this was the phone for me :D Boy was i right ! Absolutely love it :) The battery life on it even with 3G on is fantastic ! I've gone the entire weekend without recharging it. Used it for...
  13. T

    need suggestions for BUDGET Gaming rig.

    One of my friend is starting a "gaming parlor". His budget is 18-20k for the entire system(m0b0+proc+ram+hdd+monitor+cabinet+kb+mouse+Graphics card. No intel please :)
  14. mohityadavx

    Block facebook chat

    Hi I am using windows 7. Please help me to block chat on facebook. Please dont tell me to add facebook to host as i don't want to block the entire site but only chat option.
  15. L

    GPU advice needed

    Hi, Recently my brother got a config from his savings and he wants to get a graphics card for his PC. His configuration is: Athlon 2 X4 635 Gigabyte 880GMA Mobo 2 GB RAM But the problem is that since he had to upgrade his entire cabby from his old P3 he didn't have money for a new...
  16. S

    HELP: Laptop RJ45 port damaged

    Hi The RJ45 (ethernet) port of my studio 15 laptop has been damaged (the connections have come off). Is there anyway it can be fixed or does the entire motherboard have to be replaced? What alternatives do I have?
  17. M

    dell prices slashed

    yep—not updated till now in their website www.dell.co.in but studio series have fallen by 4 k around…...may the entire line --but for studio series i am sure.
  18. Anorion

    [By Demand] April 2010

    Leftover demands from the March thread are still being considered. Would you like entire courses encoded in a lower-resolution as against individual lectures given out over time?
  19. V

    Naya Graphic card with Purana PC... Need Help

    Hi Guys, I was planning to buy new PC this month, but one of my friend suggested me to go only with new Graphic Card, as I've updated my entire machine in the month of Nov'2008. My Machine Configuration : Processor : AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4800+ 2.5 Ghz Motherboard ...
  20. T

    UPS help

    Hello, Situation: . I have a moderate i5 rig with CoolerMaster 600 W PSU. . I also have a 800va inverter for the entire house. . There is also a generator that works for the entire society. Problem: When the generator shuts down and inverter or the main...
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