1. RBX

    Compressing Video Lectures (Screen Recordings)

    I need to compress several 720p video lectures. I don't care about how much time is taken in encoding, just want size is to as low as possible while retaining quality at same resolution. I tried encoding a 1 hour long lecture (downloaded from youtube), 390 MB in size using handbrake 9.8. The...
  2. M

    upgrade question

    i want to upgrade from a phenom II 925. i am in a dilemma whether to choose a 1100t or fx 8120. the 1100t is supposed to be on par with 2600k and 980x when oc'd to 4+ghz.. uses primarily are video encoding and adobe suite(photoshop,premiere, after effects) help guys.. mobo- m5a97 pro...
  3. D

    AMD Phenom II X6 vs Intel Core i5

    AmD PHENOM II X6 vS CORE i5 Can u PlS help me deciding on which processor to buy. i Will mainly do MULTITASKING & AUDIO/VIDEO ENCODING. & WILL pLAY few games, but my main task is MULTITASKING & ENCODING. So which of this Processor will be g00d f0R me
  4. T

    Upgrade PC for video editing

    Well, here is my current configuration AMD 64 X2 5200+ Graphics card is built in 2 GIG ram 500 GB 7200 RPM HDD with 16 MB buffer Encoding videos takes way too long.. Willing to spend about 10k, need better performance (faster encoding) Thanks in advance..
  5. phuchungbhutia

    Video splitter needed

    I have some avi, vob and mpeg files which need to be split and encoded for vcd . . I need some sw that can cut them into half easily and non time consumingly as encoding them is taking too much time and no 100% success either . . Please need splitter and splitter alone
  6. A

    ipod touch 2g 8GB enough??

    i have an option of picking up a new ipod touch 2g 8GB which retails for $229 or a refurbished ipod touch 1g 16GB for $219 on apple site. which one will be a better option. i mean 2g has inbuilt speaker and volume controller and sleek design. i have a question whether 8gb space is sufficient...
  7. A

    Encoding Problem !!!

    Hi, I am sorry if I am posting this question in a wrong forum but I have a serious problem with a Microsoft Word Document. I have recovered so many of my important .,doc files from my formatted HD. Most of them are not readable as they appear on some other format. There is a warning that "...
  8. G

    Unable to open the word file

    I was editing a word (ms Office 2003 ver) file on my pen drive. Suddenly some screen appeared asking me to " Select the encoding that makes your document readable" and giving three options 1.Windows(Default), 2. MS-DOS, 3. Other encoding ' What ever I select it creats a junk file. Is there a...
  9. G

    RLE Encoding And Decoding using C..plz help.

    Run length Encoding And Decoding Example input: 123334455555AAA Output for above input: 1\12\13\34\25\5A\3
  10. G

    RLE Encoding And Decoding using C..plz help.

    Hi Guys its urgent have a look.. Run length encoding is a compression technique that takes advantage of repeated consecutive digits. Encoding involves putting a character followed by count. Example input: 123334455555AAA Output for above input: 1\12\13\34\25\5A\3 (1 is appearing once, 2 is...
  11. RCuber

    ATTENTION!!! Palagrism

    Here is a guy stealing Tutorials from digit and other forums/websites and posting it in his site. I believe he will be member of this forum. Exact Copy Paste from the following threads .. :mad: MKV [Demuxing , Encoding and Muxing] Tutorial By Zeshan copied here...
  12. rohan

    All About Unicode /programming with Unicode

    NOTE: To view the tutorial properly, your browser must be setup to display Unicode text properly. Please refer to this article in order to do so: *tinyurl.com/2v5nfd Digg this | This document is also available in the following formats: PDF ; XPS Prologue Long after completing my...
  13. axxo

    Help me in choosing the processor for my new cpu

    Hi all, am on a upgrade...to replace my old pc running Athlon 3000+ Which one should i go for? Amd or Intel. am not going to overclock.... my primary use will be video encoding... how is quadcore? should i choose core2duo or settle with amd x2(as am not a overclocker) My budget is 15k for...
  14. T

    mp3 encoding

    hey guys is there any way I can get to increase the volume without any loss while encoding an MP3 file to WMA or to an MP3 of a lower bitrate??? my MP3 player produces terribly low volume for some songs (especially Hindi ones) it is a creative ZEN Nano and mind it i want almost no...
  15. T

    microsoft office problem

    hi friends, last day night accidentally i have deleted one file which consists of lot of word files.then i recover the file using pc file inspector recovery.when i open the file IN MICROSOFT OFFICE,it says that some installation error.and also the message is look like as...
  16. Amey_Techgeek

    Compress movies but retain the quality!!

    Here's how u can compress movies considerably and still not reduce a bit of its quality.Try this *www.megaupload.com/?d=18AJN3T5 I recommend the use of Virtual Dub for compressing movies *www.megaupload.com/?d=BG946JQ1 End the slot limitations for Megaupload like this...
  17. S

    DVD Region Encoding

    Hi guys I wanted to know that, is there any software in which we write the cd/dvd with region encoding or something like that.So that the cd/dvd i write should not be viewable/playable to others,Without changing my current dvd region setting. Thanks
  18. techtronic

    HD DVD encryption cracked?

    On the heels of the first full year of the HD DVD/Blu-ray battle, a new wrinkle has appeared, as a hacker has claimed to have dug into the high-definition format's encoding and decrypt the security measures that prevent the video from being copied. Source ...
  19. gauravakaasid

    BEst Video Conversion Tool???

    sa the title itself says, can u suggest for a noob the best tool for converting, encoding, extracting portions of d video, splitting n joining video files?
  20. karthik55859


    HELLO GUYS, i have posted a thread 4days ago abt how do i play mp4 files on k750i, now someone has suggested me to use MPEGABLE BROADCASTER software in order to view mp4 files.... i have lost his e-mail he had sent me the best settings via,text message the settings are like these Launch...
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