1. B

    SHITtel broadband users, this is for you

    Hi Guys, SHITtel has decreased the per month cost of each plan and increased the monthly data limit thanks to India ka raja Ambani. Anyways they are not sending sms or email regarding the same to its users. So, kindly check the best plan in your area as of now and decide accordingly-...
  2. M

    Make Your Own Email List

    Hello :) At the point when searching for approaches to expand your web movement, make certain not to disregard the strategy that gloats one of the most astounding records of progress. With a normal 3800% rate of profitability, that technique is email advertising. Set apart from the disorder...
  3. Flash

    [Giveaway] McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2016

    Free McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2016 (100% discount) DIRECTIONS To get your free copy of McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2016, click here to go to the registration page and click “Download Now”. At the next page, enter your email address and click “Continue”. Next, check your email address for an email...
  4. lywyre

    [Req Help] Switching from Godaddy Workspace Email to GMail

    Hi, Our company is having the domain and email both serviced by Godaddy. We are frequently having issues with email services. Despite their commercials saying that they have world class support, they are shoddy and novice at best. Our boss has decided enough is enough and lets switch to...
  5. P

    Where to Buy MSI laptops in India

    Dear fellow Gamers, Acro Engineering is the National distributor of MSI India laptops as well as MSI GFX/MB These are the below Acro Branches of india where MSI Laptops can be Purchased or enquired about it. AHEMDABAD :- MANOJ KUMAR/JITENDER ADDRESS B3 /8, TARUN NAGER...
  6. D

    How to remove Youtube Channel name from Live ID?

    Hello Guys, Could you please provide solution to remove youtube channel name from Live ID. Whenever I email someone it displays my channel name on other side instead of my name on email account. I tried finding it on account setting but no luck. Please give some solution to it. Regards
  7. S

    For sale coc th8 account

    For sale th8 max for only $50 slightly negotiable You can reach me through message.
  8. Allu Azad

    [Complaint] Zotac RMA

    Company name: Zotac Product (be exact): GT 240 1GB ddr5 Name of the distributor/service provider/dealer and location: Bought through Flipkart Location: Kerala Date of purchase: 23/04/2012 Description of problems faced and the incident: Created RMA request on 08/06/2015. The...
  9. abhigeek

    BJP leader wants Gmail, Yahoo to be declared as 'untrustworthy' for citizens

    Source Tarun Vijay, Seriously?
  10. G

    one plus

    should i go ahead and buy the new one plus one or should i wait for a while since it has just launched on amazon in India. and also i have heard some problem with the screen. also if anyone have free invites please do tell me . i will let you know my email.
  11. vedula.k95

    How to create a chain email system?

    Hey guys good eve,and i have a bit of problem here,actually my class lecturer decided to send email of LAB notes to everyone so one noob made a public Gmail id and he gave the username and password to everyone :lol: now whenever lecturer sends notes some selfish ****s download and delete's the...
  12. clmlbx

    Bitdefender Total Security 2015 Key For 1 Year (PC) + 6 Months for Mobile (separate keys)

    For PC visit here : Free Bitdefender 2015 For Mobile: Get 6 months free protection for your Android! Instructions: 1. Just Enter EMail 2. Enter Captcha 3. Submit to get License in your Inbox
  13. Vyom

    Tapatalk Security Incident and Inability to change passwords by User

    I got this email from Tapatalk 4 hours ago (Sun, Dec 14, 2014 at 7:41 AM) about a security issue that have left many ID's and passwords vulnerable (most passwords in encrypted form). Hence it's recommended to change the passwords ASAP. Email Transcript: Weird thing is that when I tried to...
  14. D

    How can I backup all of my email from google apps?

    hi, I've been using email from google apps. It's great. But I want to back up my email locally. How do I do this?
  15. D

    How can I backup all of my email from google apps?

    Hello Guys, I've been using email from google apps. It's great. But I want to back up my email locally. How do I do this?
  16. M

    Negative Experience No mention of offer in "Track Orde" or Email

    I Ordered a Lenovo Laptop Backpack B450 for 1199. Screenshot in the spoiler it had offer "Get free Yatra Voucher redeemable on domestic flights and hotel bookings, worth Rs. 750 on purchase of this...
  17. ithehappy

    How do I join this forum,

    There's a German forum called, they generally review monitor and TV and stuffs. I just wanted to join the forum, but I can't. When I provide my Gmail or Ymail ID it says invalid email ID! WTF? If anyone knows about them or a member already please tell me what email ID do they accept...
  18. Amir.php

    [Want to Buy] Need a .edu E-mail id for one time use

    Simply... I am a windows phone 8 user and Looking for a developer account for Unlock my Device. Microsoft provides Free Dream spark developer account to students for 1year. But need to varify my account via .edu email address. if some one is student here and have .edu email address from their...
  19. A

    HTML help

    Hii Guys I'm currently learning HTML.I wanted to know if there was a way to shift a Hyperlink text a few spaces forward?? Example- Email __________ Password___________ Login Is there a way to shift the "Login"...
  20. GhorMaanas

    Email configuration in MS Outlook 2007 (for MTNL)

    Hello everyone! i was trying to set-up an email account just now, in MS Outlook 2007. i have an MTNL (Mumbai) connection. for the incoming POP3 server, i put the address as, and for the outgoing mail server, as, have put the username same as the username in the...
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