How can I backup all of my email from google apps?


Try out this
From within the android gmail client:
Press menu
select more
select settings
scroll down and select labels
change the number of days from which you want messages kept on the phone
change individual labels (effectively folders) to none, this number of days, or all


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I've been using email from google apps. It's great. But I want to back up my email locally.
How do I do this?
You might want to try an email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird. These email clients download your mail as and when it comes to your device for (offline) reading.
Use a search engine and you'll find some other clients too. Here are some links for you to start off -
Five Best Email Clients - Lifehacker
Five email clients to help ease you away from Outlook - TechRepublic
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I think either he's talking about Gmail / GApps Mail (on Own Domain).

In both the way you can configure POP3 / IMAP on some local Email Client (Outlook / Thunderbird) as suggested above and the mails will be downloaded locally.

Then you can create PST (For Outlook), similar thing is available for thunderbird too and keep that for future use.
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