1. sriharsha_madineni

    Need info on how to buy stuff online from abroad??

    Hi all, I have been buying most of the items online for sometime now and I'm quite happy with it as I'm getting stuff at good price compared to local price and since they are delivered to your door step, no need to move my lazy ass :D But there are quite a few things that I wanted to buy from...
  2. N

    Which one should I buy ?

    I wanna buy case and screen protector for my iPod touch 4g I have considered these two products but I cannot decide which one to choose . Please help me both these products are up on eBay for sale here are the links for both please help me decide First option eBay India: Leather Case +...
  3. N

    Can anybody help me with this ?

    Hi I want to buy a product on ebay worth a 100 rs I have the money but eBay purchases require a credit card or paypal account . Can anyone suggest anyway to make the purchase without these . Can anyone help me with their PayPal account \THanks
  4. VarDOS

    HTC HD7 should I buy this?

    Hi Friends, I was hunting for some mobile phones on ebay within the range on 15 - 20k. And I was shocked to know HTC HD7 is priced at 19.2k :O is the price good? and people is it safe to buy from here. The phone costs 28.2k on Flipkart then why its so less on ebay? Thanks
  5. aniket.cain

    Need a Gaming Mouse for 2-2.5k

    Hi, I want to buy a new gaming mouse with a budget of 2-2.5k. I have been using Logitech G5 for the past 3 years and I never liked it that much. It seems the piece I got was faulty but I just dragged it along. So, how about Razer Deathadder 3500? It is available on ebay for 2k. Is there...
  6. Razor 1911

    Eight Core Sandy will be out soon enough!

    Eight-core Sandy Bridge Chip Listed on eBay
  7. A

    Chinese Andriod Phones ay ebay ?

    Hey guys, Look at these cell phones... Chinese make, android 2.2.1, Dual Sim n very cheap. eBay India's Deal Junction - one stop shop for hottest deals & bargains on mobile phones, digicams, laptops, LCD TVs, computers, movies, shoes, diamond jewellery & more Any comments ? r they...
  8. reddead

    From where to buy a used mobile???

    so here iam in another dilemma,i have been using samsung's galaxy 3 for 4 months and looking for a serious upgrade but there seems to be some budget issues so i have decided to buy a second hand/used phone and decided upon samsung galaxy s..... i know its a year old but still it is one of the...
  9. C

    Beetel Boom 10000

    Hi i bought the beetel Boom 10000 today from a local shop, but i can't figure out how to connect the transmitter. The content of the package are the same as on this ebay link eBay India: Beetel Wireless Headphone with Mic Mike FM Cordless TV (item 150585859814 end time 02-May-2011 10:14:29...
  10. mohityadavx

    Ebay Warranty Problem

    I am thinking of buying Sony DSc h55 from ebay at this link eBay India: Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H55 Digital Camera + Warranty (item 270724046796 end time 30-Mar-2011 08:00:00 IST) The link says its new and it has 6 months Dealers warranty does this mean that it doesn't have the manufacturer...
  11. mohityadavx

    THe Ebay PRoblem

    Hi! I wanted to ask few questions about ebay which are:- 1)Do ebay charge for a listing even if it is not sold? 2)Are there any charge for relisting. 3)What are the charges for items lying between Re 1 to Rs 1000.
  12. aroraanant

    camera with optical zoom 10x or ablove

    Want to buy a camera with a good zoom(10x or above). has a budget of 15-17K approx(it can vary a lil bit depending on the options available). Can even buy from ebay as it offers very good deals on camera like Sony H55 is available for 10250 on ebay n think it is a very good deal,I was planning...
  13. A

    Great discount ebay this time

    Hi, While surfing found out info for those going to buy something from Ebay... Discount voucher for 500 Code "ICICIEMI55" with ICICI Card option...enjoyyyyyy P>S:came across this ...maybe people already know ..... In connection to my other thread.. One can get GALAXY SL I9003 For...
  14. ghantaukay

    Desperately seeking P67

    I am desperately looking for an Asus mobo P67 pro with b3 stepping. Can anyone direct me to a site where it is available. I have already tried ebay ; techshop ; theitdepot ; itwares ; smc ; primeabgb ; bitfang.None of them have the ones with b3 setting. :sad:
  15. M

    suggestion needed

    i am planning to buy this desktop from ebay.. eBay India: Intel Core i3-540 3.06Ghz Based Desktop PC 4GB 1TB (item 130485775537 end time 14-Mar-2011 18:34:03 IST) is it worth the price ?
  16. AndroidFan

    New LG Optimus One for 10k on Ebay from PowerSeller

    I am really tempted to buy it... This price is ridiculous... eBay India: LG Optimus One P500 Android 2.2 Froyo WIFI 3G (item 270717086650 end time 16-Mar-2011 08:00:00 IST) My Postpaid bill is due. Now, I can finally port my number to GSM and get Android...
  17. atin

    Want to buy a new mobile

    Hi guys I want to buy a mobile below 8K android if possible. I need internet and basic office capability. Also would like to be able to have decent video and audio capability. Camera not important. I came across this on eBay eBay India: H6 â–ºGoogle Android v2.2 Dual SIMâ—„Mobile Phone...
  18. thunder.02dragon

    Corsair TX750 - 750Watts SMPS-Source_Kolkata

    Hi, I want to sell my PSU/SMPS which is Corsair TX750. This is a 750Watt 80+ Rated power supply. I have upgraded to HX850 so want to sell this off.. Interested buyer please PM me I have fixed price of 6000/- inclusive of Shipping(Shipping itself is 350/- +) So base price is just 5650/-...
  19. jatt

    Suggests A Good Microwave

    Dear frnds,I want to purchase Microwave so please suggest any good.I am confuse. do i need solo or grill or convection model. My budget is max.Rs.7000 and i am prefer to LG what you will suggest here. I also want to purchase from ebay if second hand will available is that right for me or do...
  20. Skud

    Need a 23" monitor

    Hi, i want to buy a 23" monitor, but here at patna i have got only 1 model, samsung 2330 @ 10300/-. The ebay shop of SMC International is enlisting the Dell ST2320L @ 10200/- inc. shipping. As a current owner of Dell monitor I am more inclined to Dell. My questions are:- 1. Is the model okay...
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