1. M

    Galaxy note 2 DOA Pls help Urgent

    Hi I bought a note 2 through ebay seller Zoomin on 8th feb 2013. Got the phone on 13 Feb. Used the phone for 2 days and there was battery drain. Did the normal checks but still the battery drain was increasing like hell to the state wherein fully charged mobile went down to 50% in an hour...
  2. JohnephSi

    confused regarding nexus 7

    hi guys plz suggest me where can i buy google nexus 7 32gb 3G model???can we trust ebay will they provise waranty....plz do help me
  3. Champ

    Suggestions regarding Gold Battery

    Hi, My 2 year old Galaxy S2's battery has started showing signs of aging Many times phone shuts offs while returning from office. Was browsing ebay found this Replacement Extended Gold battery 2450mAh For Samsung Galaxy S2 SII i9100 | eBay Seller says that its a higher capacity battery...
  4. X

    Usb speaker to choose among these two

    Dell AX210 USB 2.0 Desktop Multimedia Stereo Speakers Original Dell Warranty | eBay Laptop Speaker 5 Watt Multi Media USB Powered 2.0 Multimedia Speakers | eBay or is there better than this in this price range
  5. J

    Which usb Speaker should I get among these

    Dell AX210 USB 2.0 Desktop Multimedia Stereo Speakers Original Dell Warranty | eBay KolorFish S-630 USB Laptop Speaker (2.0 Channel) BLACK | eBay Laptop Speaker 5 Watt Multi Media USB Powered 2.0 Multimedia Speakers | eBay Dont know about specs of speakers so if anyone knows how to judge a...
  6. I

    HTC desire C vs HTC one V ( Reliance CDMA ) + what is CDMA ? is it beneficial ?

    My budget is around 10k I am getting the desire C for Rs.10,625 Brand New Original & Sealed HTC Desire C A320e - white color | eBay And the HTC one V (reliance CDMA ) for Rs.8,790 HTC One V [ Brand New in Sealed Box ] Android , 3G , Beats Audio [ CDMA ] | eBay So which one should i go for ...
  7. bajaj151

    How to convert Internal Sata DVD Drive to External

    Will this work ? I found this : USB TO IDE SATA ADAPTOR CABLE FOR 2.5" / 3.5 " HDD - CD / DVD | eBay Suggest possible and cheapest solution available.
  8. J

    Ebay Global Easy Buy Mobile Shopping

    Hi, So here’s a series of question I have here…and they are 1. How safe is to buy mobiles from Ebay global EasyBuy? 2. If the phone is an unlocked version does it have any problem in signal receptions in India? 3. Does the phone have warranty? And can they be claimed in India? I’m...
  9. Nerevarine

    usb to jtag cable

    any ideas where I can buy one of these besides eBay ?
  10. T

    HTC One S with S4 Krait OR Google Nexus 4

    Thinking of buying a phone but am stuck when it comes to the nexus 4 16gb and the htc one s 16gb S4 Krait. Might get it from the US or eBay. The nexus costs 349$ in the US and 30k on eBay The one s costs around 400$ in the US and 24k on ebay The htc is slightly slimmer and smaller but...
  11. G

    Mobile buying from ebay? is it safe

    hello friends , actually i want to buy phone xperia s....and when i go through ebay i saw it is priced at 19,990. whereas its market price is round about 25 to 27 k and the seller on ebay is just giving 6 months seller warranty,,,,so i want to know if u suggest me whether to...
  12. image

    Which 60GB SSD

    I am looking for a 60GB SATA III 6 Gbps HDD. Confused between these: OCZ 60GB AGILITY 3 SSD | eBay Corsair 60GB Force Series 3 60 GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive SSD | eBay Please suggest which one should I buy. Thanks.
  13. samudragupta

    Vodafone 3g/2.5g users on android please confirm!!!

    hi all, i am currently on vodafone mumbai 3g, and for the last few days i am unable to load play store. (screen shot attached). two of my friends on vodafone 3g and 2.5g repectively are also facing similar issues. i am also unable to access ebay intermittently. Playstore and ebay loads fine on...
  14. abhishek66

    Sony Xperia Arc S or Sony Xperia P

    I am confused between the two. Both available for almost the same price on ebay considering my budget of 15-16k. I am getting inclined towards xperia arc s and plan to install CyanogenMod 10.1 on it. Please advice people Brand New Latest Sony Xperia P LT22i Mobile + Warranty | eBay SONY...
  15. D

    about ebay piracy issue

    i was browsing for some games in ebay one seller was selling like like farcry2+crysis warhead=250 rupees claiming only single player available is it pirated one .he claims he is a authorised reseller if its original how can be it so low cost please help i don't want to buy pirated one...
  16. shaunak

    xperia u grey market mumbai

    Hey, I found the Xperia U selling for around 11k Sony Ericsson Xperia U | eBay Its a very attractive offer and I am seriously considering the black market now. Is this seller on ebay reliable? And does anyone know where can I find grey market phones in Mumbai? Any other suggestions in the...
  17. T

    HTC One S with S4 Krait : Where to Buy

    Hi, I am planning on buying the HTC One S with the Snapdragon S4 Krait Chipset.. It is not normally availiable in India.. I want the S4 version (model z520e) with 1 year warranty (manufacturer or seller) I found some links: BRAND NEW HTC ONE S 16GB GSM UNLOCKED T-MOBILE 4G ANDROID...
  18. S

    Case Logic SLRC 201

    hi guys, i want to get this dslr holster bag from ebay Case-Logic-SLR-Zoom-Holster-SLRC-201 This is going to be my first experience on ebay and i'm a little confused about the condition "Octroi If applicable to be paid by buyer in certain cities." . The question is, is there a possibility of...
  19. quagmire

    No Hope for Nexus Fans in India !

    Asus has dropped a bomb by releasing the much anticipated 16 GB Nexus 7 for 20k (the actual Dollar to rupee converted price being 11k).Thats literally twice the price..! After waiting for a product for 5 months is this what we get? The main reason we chose N7 over the iPad mini was its value...
  20. blackedition91

    Issue with an ebay bought phone. Need help

    Hey guys, I ordered an Xperia Tipo phone(for my dad) from ebay. I received the item. However, the seller has shipped the item intended for promotion. The box clearly states 'Item is for promotion. Not intended for retail sale'. I tried to call the seller. But all 3 numbers provided by him...
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