1. H

    Does ICICI B2 acc work with Steam, ebay, amazon etc ?

    As it is a virtual CC, it should work right ? I need a CC just for these types of payments only (steam, ebay, amazon, aliexpress, dx etc etc). Won't use it for anything else
  2. B

    [Want to Buy] Pre-owned Playstation 1 Phat (1st Generation)" with Bill/Box & accessories

    Hello Members, I am looking for used "Playstation 1 Phat (1st Generation)" with Bill/Box & accessories in excellent mint condition. Interested individuals can contact me via PM. Preffered payment mode: Ebay It is available at Ebay UK.: Playstation One Phat with Box If any of your known is...
  3. R

    Which is best monitor ?

    Which is best monitor in 27 inch ? 1) Philips 273P3LPHEB 27 inch LCD Monitor Philips 273P3LPHEB 27 Inch LCD Monitor 3 USB Ports VGA DVI Hdmi With Bill Warant | eBay 2) LG IPS LED MONITOR 27EA63V LG IPS 27EA63V Widescreen 27" LED TFT Full HD IPS Monitor With 3 YRS Warranty | eBay Minimum...
  4. G

    M-Audio Studiophile AV 40

    want to buy M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 through my friend from USA. amazon: new model- 120$ ebay: Manufacturer refurbished - 90$ (also stating 'PERFECT CONDITION! Full Manufacturer Warranty!') Can I opt for ebay option to save 30$. Anybody has experience with this model?
  5. ithehappy

    Kind of a serious issue about an eBay transaction! Any help?

    Okay, the story is I purchased something from eBay on 14th March. And the last date of shipping was today, 27th March. And I just contacted the seller and he says that the item is not available and I will get the refund. Okay, but the problem is I paid from my dad's Debit card, which is his...
  6. ithehappy

    Is this HDMI cable good?

    I was looking for a 5 meter HDMI cable to connect my PC with my TV, and not interested in spending a lot. So was looking for cheap ones, and found this, High Speed Flat 5M Hdmi 1080P Cable V1 4 LCD TV PC Laptop 5 Meter V1 4A | eBay The only problem with it that it is not braided? Do you guys...
  7. happy17292

    [For Sale] XFX Radeon HD6770 1GB GDDR5

    Sold @ ebay
  8. RCuber

    Need 120mm fans

    I am looking for few 120mm fans as replacements for my existing fans. These are the ones I had bought about two years ago. can get these again, but I need to know about alternatives Cooler Master 120mm Silent 1200 RPM PC Cooling FAN Value Pack OF 4 FAN | eBay
  9. P

    [MOTO G] Flip Cover or Screen Guard and Other Accessories

    Hi folks, Thanks a lot for sharing. Please suggest a good screen protector and a case (flipcover or back cover) for my new Moto G Planning to go for GadgetShieldz @ 320 INR for the Screen Protector. If anyone's planning to buy use the Promo Code : adw20 for the discount. Any Amzer users here...
  10. SaiyanGoku

    Positive Experience Raipur- LG Optimus G

    URL of product: LG Optimus G E970 - 16GB (Unlocked ) 4G LTE Quad-Core Android Smartphone Date of purchase: 31 January 2014 Tracking ID / Order ID: Not posting on purpose Your PIN Code: 492001 Courier used: ICCWORLD/Bluedart Praise / Complaint details: 16 GB MicroSD card is missing (USA buyers...
  11. kARTechnology

    ssd needed within 4.5k

    thinking of getting one of these from here INTEL SSD 160GB HARD DRIVES 320 SERIESS | eBay or TOSHIBA THNSNC128GCSJ 128GB SSD hard disk| LOWEST PRICE CHALLENGE | eBay or a new one? then model no. need life 5+ years and no issues. for laptop. space not an issue.
  12. W

    Buying HTC One X+

    I am planning to buy a new android phone to replace my Xolo A500s and came over to HTC one X+ on ebay with one year seller warrenty. It will cost me around 19,500 INR. link:- HTC One X+ Plus 64GB 1.7GHz Quad Core - 8mp CAM - 1GB RAM - 4.7" Inch HD | eBay Please suggest that will it be a wise...
  13. S

    HTC One X Dilemma - URGENT

    Planning to buy an android within 15k. Got a deal on ebay(reputed seller) for brand new HTC One X AT&T 32GB for 14k with seller warranty, should I take it? Dual Core Krait(better performer than quad core cortex A9), SLCD2 Display with Sense 5.0! If not then please suggest alternatives.
  14. N

    Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition

    Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Hello, Anyone played this game ? Looks great to me. Purchased it for 1,082.52 including 65/- shipping from ebay. Flipkart sells it at 1400/- :| Any reviews of this game from fellow Digit members ?
  15. Nerevarine

    gamersgift.com legit ?

    Is this website legit ? I need to purchase Garena shells from here.. anyone have any experience regarding this ? http://www.ebay.in/itm/100-Garena-Shells-/131049561369?pt=IN_Games_Consoles_Accessories&hash=item1e83299d19&_uhb=1#ht_500wt_1156 the same seller is also selling on ebay .. This guy...
  16. R

    CCTV set up in 10k budget without HDD

    Hi, We are planning to install a CCTV set up in our company. our needs are as follows. 1) Need 4 cameras, so 4 channel DVR is enough. Its for outdoors 2) Need to record/live view to separate HDD and delete automatically when HDD is full. 3) Need remote internet viewing enabled DVR though...
  17. S

    Replacement of earbuds for my HTC Desire X.

    Hi,i am looking for new earbuds as bundled earbuds are not working due to wire broken. I am looking for earbuds which are compatible with Beats audio as i came to know that some of them will not work with beats audio as sound will be not proper.Can any one suggest new earbuds for under 1.5k...
  18. blackpearl

    [For Sale] FREE Giveaway: 15 ebay coupon codes valid till Sep 30, 2013

    I have a handful of ebay coupon codes that I got by recharging my prepaid vodafone online, that's been lying unused. The codes give you a discount of 7% up to a max of Rs 750. These are actually better than most ebay discount codes that are generally capped at Rs 500. These are all single...
  19. darth_vader1280

    24x7 download rig and HTPC

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans:HTPC and download rig 2. What is your overall budget? If you...
  20. Renny

    Positive Experience Bangalore - Fittness equipment

    URL of product: PROTONER IRON GYM EXTREME DOOR CHIN UP BAR PUSH UP BARS DIPS SIT UPS AB STRAPS | eBay Date of purchase : 24/08/13 Tracking ID / Order ID : X Source: Jalandhar Destination: Bangalore Courier used : FedEx Praise / Complaint details : A missing screw. Delivered in 3 days. No...
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